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Layout Windows 8 How profitable?

June 6, 2013, by Microsoft China and the Beijing Information Technology Co., Ltd. Zhitong day (day-Mastery) co-sponsored the layout Windows 8, how profitable? Customer communication will be held in Beijing, Microsoft Research Asia.
After a strong launch from Microsoft Windows 8, dimension when considering the application and the selection is very strict in its application store strategy that is strictly to the APP STORE in the top 100 of all types of applications as a key presence applications, while application-based publisher The realization of the demand, Microsoft also launched the Windows 8 application advertising solutions. Of course, in the form of Microsoft's application advertising have also been new exploration, the anticipated Windows 8 applications for mobile media advertising platform which provides a new solution in show business and technical level. Day-Mastery as a mobile media experts, Microsoft's strategic partner, through its powerful platform and Windows 8 Vc seamless docking, landing partners who want to provide the platform for one-stop solution designed for partners to build new development opportunities and benefits of growth.
For traditional media, regardless of which platform landing, the problem is nothing more than two of its concern, first, how to promote, the second is how to profit, but the profit is also impossible to escape the fundamental mode content fees, advertising fees, electricity supplier charges. Microsoft China conference guests as we detail how Windows 8 will be available for on-line applications to help with promotion, and technical characteristics of the Windows 8 application advertising solutions, cooperation model, to show forms and so on. Day-Mastery based mainly on a one-stop solution for Windows 8 were explained to the guests and analyzed in simple terms, people are concerned about the application development, content creation, introduced aspects of advertising cooperation. Day-accessible long-term partner - "Life Week" has purposely to share their experiences in the application and Windows 8 systems. Guests from Lenovo China to attendees shared Windows 8 pre-installed application requirements and mode of the partnership were specific introduction. Meeting content industry chain fully demonstrated the different roles work together and win an open mind.
In the background of the rapid development of mobile Internet applications platform has formed relive state, Windows 8 platform and combining Vc brings growth opportunities and benefits of the new platform for partners. Day-Mastery further advantage of deep plowing on this platform, integration of advantageous resources, and promote the healthy development of Windows 8 platform ecosystem.


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