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Moderator: What can cloud what we do? Allows us to share digital information anywhere at any time, allows us to go anywhere, and can help companies develop cognitive let our city to lay a more solid foundation, providing a more secure information platform. Today, we expect clouds like me can give our lives to bring new changes. Today, a very flexible, reliable, high-value cloud platform has come among us, it is Microsoft Windows Azure. Now let us welcome HE Yue Fu, Microsoft senior vice president, and Mr. Chen Sheng.
He Lok Fu: Why am very proud and honored to give you such a cloud publishing, probably shared before six months with you that we and a partnership Pudong district government in Shanghai, as well as and the Century interconnection of such a collaboration, today is a landmark event, we Century Internet partner relationships are very important.
Chen Sheng: friends, ladies and gentlemen of the press good afternoon everyone was very happy to stand on the stage floor to witness this exciting Windows Azure moment in China, experienced in the past 18 months of hard work, team work together with Microsoft Internet century make this dream become a reality today is very pleased to be invited to witness so many guests with us. Microsoft and Internet century partnership between the two sides is the crystallization of wisdom efforts. Microsoft software services powerful strength, we work together to provide good Chinese cloud computing services. Windows Azure will bring unprecedented flexibility Chinese government. There is no doubt help to different types of businesses through the Windows Azure platform has a new strategic choice in business. So we are committed to helping businesses in this era of innovation and change, to get a more valuable business opportunity, of course, government departments can also provide more digital services to the public through the cloud to the public, it can be said the value of cloud computing is to solve today An important basis for some of the practical issues and challenges in the operation of the Windows Azure Century Internet good solution for this purpose, to achieve this goal, we believe that this unique partnership for the century Internet, users of Microsoft China is a business cooperation, Windows Azure opens the century Internet, Microsoft, and a new chapter in the cloud, we can expect to see some amazing achievements made through the use of Windows Azure, we are very much looking forward to our customers are expecting, you do.
Moderator: to China, while the service experience in different markets, while our platform is very reliable and is very flexible, and it is a platform for innovation to meet China's needs, to help customers achieve China's competitiveness and innovation force, not only in the domestic market but also in the international market. Take this opportunity to tell you about Mr. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on stage.
Steve Ballmer: Thank you for coming this afternoon, this event is very pleased to have this opportunity to thank HE Lok Fu, thanks to Mr. Chen, Hello everybody afternoon, Dear Pudong New District, U.S. Masters Locke, friends from all of the United States very pleased to have this opportunity to return again today with Chinese government officials and business leaders to communicate with you is more important today to witness the release of this important moment. China is a country full of fast-growing innovative vision, Microsoft honored and committed to helping Chinese people and businesses realize their full potential. I remember when I first came to China in the late 1980s, when we put all of this is also an X-box and other products are manufactured in China, all our Chinese employees are committed to some of the latest advances in our technology and Microsoft's global products to China, we produce these products worldwide sales in China.

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