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iOS and Android have been pressed in the above two mountains Windows Phone

Before Microsoft Software License is relying on selling off day, but now, through the device + deliver more services, Microsoft has become a completely different company. But this position, let Microsoft face unprecedented competition.
In the mobile space, iOS and Android have been pressed in Windows Phone at the two mountains; Surface rival iPad tablet PC market has been a rich handsome and Surface is to allow the emergence of many OEM partners furious; XBOX are the three One host, Microsoft rivals Sony and Nintendo; Windows operating system has been subjected to intrusive Apple MacOS, and in the field of consumer PCs, Google's Android have also been a number of manufacturers of all ages; Office is Microsoft's cash cow, a few years ago Microsoft launched a cloud of Office - Office 365, Google Docs, etc. to respond to the competition; Microsoft's Windows Azure public cloud services opponent Amazon AWS, IBM Softlayer and Alibaba and other giants.
Zhang Yongli pointed out the difficulties, but always obstruct us from moving forward. Microsoft go very strongly on the device + road service, but also made a proud achievement.
According to reports today, Windows 8 marketing authorization has more than 200 million copies; Windows Phone has become the third largest smartphone operating system; time using Skype service is 2 billion minutes a day, which is very impressive, very large numbers; OneDrive (ie previous SkyDrive) has 250 million users, about 11 billion photos stored; Outlook.com now has 400 million users; Windows app store has 140,000 applications; Windows Phone Store has 245,000 applications; Office now has 10 million users, Office 365, about 2 million business users. XBOX game consoles sold about 76 million units, has been to provide users with 18 billion hours of entertainment content, XBOX Live in 11 countries, about 48 million users.
So no matter what kind of equipment and services you used to enjoy a day's time, Microsoft has tangible or intangible to accompany you around, Microsoft's equipment + services incarnation as the most valuable thing you think, make you work and life more happy.
Historical legacy: Windows XP transfer problem
Microsoft is in a transition phase for the purposes of, there's always tricky thing, the moment one of the biggest challenges is to allow those who still adhere to the Windows XP platform, successfully migrated to its latest Windows 8/8.1 platform.
However, this seems to be a difficult journey. Especially in China, there are still a large number of users are using Windows XP - this has been around for 13 years of classic products. The data show that in the Chinese market, Windows XP's market share up to 73.5%, more than 200 million users.
For such a classical system, Microsoft and users have no less than give affection, Microsoft put it as one of the milestones in the history of Windows, and many users are using it felt very at ease with no need to upgrade.
The wheel of history, after all, is to roll forward, Microsoft is now the main product is Windows 8/8.1, Microsoft expects more users into the Windows 8/8.1 build a new world. Microsoft previously announced, to April 8, 2014, the service will stop support for Windows XP.
The news is a lot of people misunderstood, Windows XP after this period will not be used. In fact not the case, you can still use Windows XP after April 8.
For Chinese users, Microsoft also deliberately introduced a euphemism, it is made in good faith practice: March 7, its joint Tencent, Lenovo launched Windows XP multi-user support program participation. March 11, Microsoft announced collaboration with Qihoo 360, security services together for Windows XP users during the transition, as well as a convenient Windows 8 upgrade program.
Microsoft is also regarded as the industry's conscience to do so, despite the many personal or enterprise users do not intend to disable Windows XP, but the maintenance costs, security perspective, Windows XP will no longer be the most suitable operating system, especially Enterprise customers should carefully evaluate the Windows XP era, companies face deep-seated challenges.
Dr. Fang Xingdong, founder of Chinese blog pointed out, Windows XP solved in China may have two: 1, Microsoft Windows XP upgrade fully capture the market, access to hundreds of billions of income level; 2, tough to resist the government to take full control XP security, starting with government Purchasing boycott.
But people are worried that long before China's best-known independent operating system vendor Red Flag declared bankruptcy. Therefore, the second possibility is currently Dr. Fang Xingdong hardly raised. Of course, Microsoft, Apple must be seriously the Chinese market and Chinese Windows XP users turn to the problem.

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