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Critical review of pre-installed Microsoft XP system cheap laptop

According to IDG News, Microsoft will strictly examine pre-installed Windows XP Home operating system ULPC (ultra-low-cost laptop computer) hardware capabilities to ensure pre-installed Windows XP Home Edition on the Vista low-cost notebook market is not a competitive threat.
Microsoft plans to offer a substantial discount on Windows XP Home Edition for the PC manufacturers to encourage them to pre-installed Windows XP system to fight the Linux operating system. However, PC makers have to meet the following specifications in order to meet Microsoft's requirements. 1 low-cost laptop screen must be less than 10.2 inches. 2 hard disk can not be greater than 80GB. 3 does not provide a touch panel function.
Based on this plan, Microsoft's goal is clearly to limit ULPC (ultra-low-cost PC) hardware capabilities, to ensure that they will not intervene in the mainstream PC market, with a PC running Windows Vista compete.
Microsoft has declined to comment on the relevant documents, the company said: "We do not talk publicly about our agreements with PC manufacturers between
According to Microsoft expects that this year there are 10 million to 13 million units ULPC enter the market. For emerging markets such as China and India, Microsoft plans each with Windows XP Home operating system ULPC charged $ 26 for the license. In European markets, the license is $ 32. However, according to the documents show, PC manufacturers can get the maximum $ 10 discount.
It is reported that in order to get a discount, in addition to the hard drive size, and, PC manufacturers should be aware of the following restrictions, ULPC system can not exceed 1GB of memory, processor cores can run faster than 1GHz, but there are two columns of the processor will not be restricted, One is the VIA C7-M, the product can be controlled using the processor at 1.0GHz to 1.6GHz processor speed between. Another unrestricted processor is Intel Atom N270.
Today, we got only one real spy Microsoft Zune, and just black and white photos. Allegedly, the leak were released only reason is strictly black and white photo of Microsoft secrecy. Microsoft issued a total of 150 prototypes for testing, and that Zune 150 each has a different color, as long as either a burst of color photographs can immediately know who leaked the wind. In such strict secrecy, we still got some other news. First, round buttons below the screen, the original has been that Microsoft will learn iPod, achieve rotary operation, but according to the actual operating conditions, it is just a 4-way button only. God knows why the designers of Microsoft's so corny arrow keys designed so remarkable. In the user interface, Zune is very similar to Windows PC machine Media Center, either translucent font, the first word capitalized song title display and show the whole look and feel of this feature, but may be able to replace the entire desktop map, and software support for FM radio has been very well. More interesting is that in some detail. Original headset with magnetic back, the figure can be as easy to organize cables with the same suction, and the back of the host as well as some with magnetic, the headset can be adsorbed on the top, while the back of the fuselage and handle convenient handheld viewing. Testers also believe the magnetic part of the fuselage behind the like may also be used to connect the iPod dock or portable package, but these designs has not been determined. IPod connectivity similar groove underneath the fuselage.

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