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Microsoft Why not make your own high-end phones?

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in the past few months struggling to want to tell the world: Microsoft from a software company into a focus on equipment and services.
In fact, until now, Microsoft's smart phone is still not yet involved in the field.
In Mobile Congress held yesterday, Terry Myerson, vice president of Microsoft's Windows Phone division, said: "Only in its partners (such as Nokia) can not provide equipment under competitive circumstances, Microsoft will be involved in the manufacturing of smart phone industry. However, we currently do not see this kind of thing happen, so we do not need to build their own equipment.
Of course, the truth is far from it. Microsoft acknowledged that create a Nenggen Apple iPhone and Samsung GalaxyS3 high-end smartphone to compete need huge investment and risk.
"Made an excellent smart phone is not the most efficient use of resources and time for Microsoft. Competition in the smart phone market from the bottom. IDC analyst Kevin Restivo said.
Microsoft is currently looking for an opportunity will be given in emerging markets. In emerging markets, the smart phone is a particularly sensitive to price in the industry.
But Microsoft does not want to build a cheap device products. Microsoft needs to build any product should be high, and can demonstrate the advantages of Microsoft software owned. While Microsoft Surface tablet did not meet sales expectations since its release last fall, but this configuration of Microsoft's latest operating system Windows8 Tablet PC is a high-end product.
In order to attract the emerging markets smartphone users, Microsoft will pin their hopes on its partners (such as Nokia) manufacture of cheap mobile phones. Nokia is currently being introduced in these emerging markets-based system Lumia 520 Windows Phone handset, this phone is priced at $ 180, not a local operator subsidies.
Microsoft's strategy seems to have this effect. According to IDC's tracking data, the fourth quarter of 2012, Microsoft's Windows Phone devices shipped worldwide in seven countries over iPhone shipments of these countries, including Russia, India, Argentina, Poland, South Africa and Ukraine.
Microsoft certainly will not give up manufacturing equipment. While Microsoft Surface tablet may have been some setbacks, but its partners can not produce a popular product, the company plans to manufacture its own equipment.
In developed countries (like the U.S.), the smart phone market seems to be the target hardware devices carry Microsoft's business. In these on the market, the successful launch of Microsoft partners are not sought after by consumers smartphones. According to market research firm comScore data, in February this year, Microsoft's Windows Phone in the U.S. smartphone market, accounting for only 3.2% market share, far behind with 51.7% of Android and Apple iOS 38.9%.
Microsoft through their smart phones to replace the position of iOS and Android will be a huge project.
IDC analyst Reese Ivanov said: "This is not Microsoft can now play the game, but Microsoft wants to push Windows Phone to the world.

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