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Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud operating system version released in July CTP

Windows Azure is Microsoft's cloud computing operating system last year, running on Microsoft's global data center, network version of Microsoft's various software applications, while providing development, custody and control of managed services, today Microsoft Download Center 2009 July of Windows Azure CTP (Community Technology Preview), including the Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio (8.2MB) and Windows Azure Software Development Kit (32 4.0MB, 64 位 4.3MB).
Last Windows Azure CTP is available to testers in May, while Microsoft said the official version will be released in November. July Windows Azure CTP updates are as follows:
Windows Azure SDK update:
1, supports multi Web and Worker roles in the development and deployment, but once the service to include at least one role;
2 new PowershellRole samples can be hosted in Windows Azure role Powershell run;
Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio update:
A new project to create a dialog box;
2, support for multiple Web and Worker roles in the development and deployment;
3, can be any ASP.NET Web application project as a Web role into cloud services solution
4, support the creation of cloud services from TFS Build in;
5, strengthen the stability and integrity.
Microsoft on Monday launched called "Windows Azure cloud computing services, allowing enterprises to take advantage of Microsoft's data center to run the program.
Cloud computing is a new trend in computing market, Amazon and Google have launched services, Windows Azure is Microsoft's launch also showed a positive shift in the market. And this shift in the future is likely to break Microsoft's traditional software business model, run on the local computer after that buy software.
Windows Azure runs on Microsoft's global data center, network version of Microsoft's various software applications, such as SQL Server and so on. Microsoft said, Azure developers and enterprises to reduce costs because they no longer need to buy a computer, router or other device.
Microsoft's chief software architect Leiao Zi (Ray Ozzie), said: "Windows Azure marks Microsoft software will be fully transition to cloud computing. According to IDC expects the cloud computing market in 2012 will remain at 16% increase.
Microsoft's move but also to secure their market position, particularly in the two core Windows and Office businesses. Research firm Endpoint Technologies Associates analyst Luo Gekai (Roger Kay), Microsoft particularly worried Google.
Google software developed more and more, especially office applications, constituted a threat to Microsoft. Rogge said: "If Google does not fire at Microsoft, Microsoft today may not enter the cloud computing market.

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