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The unprecedented: Microsoft actually free license WP?

"Times of India" website, citing a number of informed sources said, Microsoft is at least two Indian mobile phone manufacturers to free license to use its Windows Phone platform.
Microsoft last month's MWC Mobile Communications Conference has said it will cooperate to develop Windows Phone handsets with more handset manufacturers, including first-tier handset manufacturers in India Lava and Karbonn.
Taiwan's "Electronic Times" Web site on Monday, citing informed sources have said, to attract more mobile phone manufacturers to join the Windows Phone camp, Microsoft has reduced the Windows Phone mobile phone hardware specifications and licensing conditions. To this end, Lava and Karbonn has joined Windows Phone camp.
The "Times of India" website quoted a number of insider news that negotiations on cooperation between Microsoft and phone manufacturers in India last year, has already begun. But until recently Microsoft agreed to cancel the license fee after Windows Phone, Lava and Karbonn before signing with the Microsoft Windows Phone handset production.
Free unprecedented
Insiders have said that for Microsoft, which is unprecedented. Even if Nokia had agreed to produce Windows Phone handsets only when Microsoft did not open the door to Nokia free. It is reported that the sale of each one of Nokia Lumia smartphones 20-30 U.S. dollars in licensing fees need to pay Microsoft. The source also said the move shows that due to the lack of market competitiveness Windows Phone, Microsoft has been a great hit.
A mobile phone manufacturers in India senior management, said: "For our upcoming Windows Phone handsets, we do not pay a sub-licensing fees to Microsoft. Clearly, Microsoft is looking for new business models. They must realize that the old model does not work, even if there is support for Nokia.
Insiders also said that Microsoft's Windows Phone may free license to other mobile phone manufacturers worldwide, similar forms of cooperation are expected to Lava and Karbonn two Indian manufacturers.
A Microsoft spokesman declined to comment, but said: "We plan to expand the cooperation to help partners build a great product. Our licensing model allows us to collaborate with the global OEM manufacturers.
India's share is less than 10%
Another Indian mobile phone manufacturers executives said: "The free Windows Phone is part of our strategic cooperation. Whether it is for Microsoft or us, this is the first attempt. Prior to Windows Phone on the market and there is not much appeal, but now canceled the license fee, we would like to try it becomes very easy.
IDC's latest data show that, Windows Phone smartphone market share in India is less than 10%. IDC also believes that free help Microsoft to expand its market share.
IDC analyst Romana Addis Duff (Manasi Yadav) said: "If Microsoft canceled Widnows Phone licensing fees, the local mobile phone manufacturers is good news. Local mobile phone manufacturers have become accustomed to the Android system, Windows Phone has not yet found the charm. If Windows Phone free, I believe manufacturers will have the courage to try.

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