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Microsoft set up a new studio main cross-platform game development WP7

About Windows Phone 7 phone system has the ability to cross-platform game is not a secret that Microsoft earlier this March on the display of the cross-platform gaming capabilities of the system. But with this new system approaching more information display as well as time to market, Microsoft has begun to focus on research and development work on WP7 game, listed at the beginning to ensure that the new system can provide the user with a good gaming experience.
Microsoft's recruitment website recently issued several new job postings, according to the job description can be seen, Microsoft Game Studios is setting up a new team: MGS Mobile Gaming, R & D focus is gaming and entertainment services into people's mobile life to go. This new mobile game team will "contribute to achieving the vision of Microsoft's online entertainment, which is, after a start on a game platform game can continue on other platforms.
If Microsoft can provide a good cross-platform experience to millions of Xbox 360 players will have a lot of people choose Windows Phone 7 devices when they go out as their entertainment tool.
But interestingly, will not be limited cross-platform Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7 both platforms, is likely to appear in the "emerging mobile platforms, including Nokia and Intel collaboration MeeGo, or Google's Android. However, Microsoft will make Xbox games on your Android phone continued to play?
"Windows Game Advisor (Windows Game Advisor)" Futuremark Microsoft jointly developed a set of players selected for the game to assess the appropriate Windows service, the latest version 3.0 has been released, some of its new features are as follows: Game Advisor now lets favorite player to score for the game, and allows them to see other players selected out of more than a list of more than 300 sets of the game; Game Advisor is a powerful tool for network services that can classify different game attributes and age choose to present the best pairing combinations to all levels of players, and the players determine the game just click the button on the computer can perform. Although there are many games on the market to test the software, but because each game for PC hardware requirements are different, less experienced users often do not know how to use the software to test their PC's performance. Game allows players to see their consultants love machine through a simple and intuitive ranking charts, meet some people for vanity helpful. Microsoft Game Advisor is very simple to use, you first need to register a new user, you can see a "Scan My System" in the bottom right after landing, tap to start the search in the middle of a plug-in license will pop up, soon after OK full specifications list your system performance. Oh Xiaobian be working with the machine ranks in the middle of it, take a look at the "World of Warcraft" this popular masterpiece on my machine performance how? On the left of the "Search by Game Title" input wow you can see my machine specific performance in "World of Warcraft" in the performance of it. Looks like my machine to play the game completely without any problems. In addition to these, players can also track the game for some concern, Windows Game Advisor will select a number of game-related information in a timely upgrade information is sent to the player.


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