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Microsoft: piracy users can still enjoy the security update service

Speaking of Windows, piracy is always an unavoidable topic, Microsoft has been adhering to the fight against non-genuine, but on security issues, Microsoft has actually looked very atmospheric.
Paul Cooke Microsoft Client Enterprise Security executives through official podcast clear: all (Windows) users can get the security upgrade, there is only one legitimate user said.
He further explained that the upgrade will be pushed to not only safe for all users, as non-genuine Windows systems can install Service Pack (SP), the cumulative update package and important stability, compatibility updates, and a lot of other software, such as the integration of a large number of IE8 security features and improved browser and so on.
Of course, this does not mean that you can enjoy all the non-genuine PC update service, and value-added software updates may not, depends on the specific wishes of the Microsoft. In Windows XP, non-genuine users can access the available updates through Automatic Updates, but can not get optional updates on Windows Update and Microsoft Update Web site, Windows Vista is similar.
Paul Cooke said, we can rest assured that Microsoft is committed to providing security update services to all users, in order to ensure that everyone can enjoy a safe online experience. Of course, this approach from Microsoft from another perspective can in fact be seen as the consolidation of Windows and its software market share trick, such as IE7 initially pass genuine validation is required in order to install, and later in Firefox, Chrome momentum when canceled.
July, Windows 7's market share from 13.70% in June rose to 14.46 percent, the market sales have skyrocketed. Microsoft said that since the release, Windows 7 sales have exceeded 175 million, with an average selling seven copies of Windows 7 per second.
In contrast, Windows Vista, 7 month market share has dropped to 14.34%, and in November 2008 was flat, while Windows XP's market share dropped from 62.43% to 61.87%. In October 2009, when the listing of Windows 7, Windows XP's market share is about 70%, then its market share will gradually decline, but the magnitude is not large.
In all fairness, Windows XP is still widely welcomed by users, and its market share ahead of Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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