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Microsoft announced the closure of MSN TV Internet TV service

Microsoft will close on September 30 interactive TV services MSN TV. MSN TV is one of the first interactive TV services to provide Internet access services through television, its predecessor is WebTV. Microsoft in the MSN TV users send e-mail and Web site frequently asked questions said, MSN TV will be closed on September 30. WebTV was founded in 1996, in 1997 was Microsoft's $ 425 million acquisition. WebTV offers TV-based e-mail and Web browsing services, the system is configured with a wireless keyboard. Microsoft in 2001 was renamed the WebTV MSN TV, and accelerate the integration with MSN Messenger and MSN Hotmail and other services. Microsoft even as the new MSN online service provides free WebTV, but it has to focus on the Xbox, Xbox also provide Internet access services. Microsoft will diversify Internet access is called MSN TV is off one of the reasons, "WebTV was founded in 1996, aims to encourage more people online, so existing users can access the Internet comfortably. Astonishing pace of development of the Internet, there have been many new Internet access. So we made a difficult decision, September 30 Close MSN TV. We will fully communicate with customers, to reduce the impact on them to a minimum. Microsoft shut down MSN TV set-top box business value Apple more importance on the occasion. There are media reports that Apple is about to reach an agreement with Warner Cable era, Apple TV provides television programs through the latter user. Last month, Time Warner, HBO GO and Disney WatchESPN application landed Apple TV platform. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer during a conference call with analysts today unveiled a new Xbox TV platform. Microsoft will launch the product during this Christmas. Google, Apple and Sony have tried for users to watch TV the way of innovation, but the prospects in this area is uncertain. Ballmer did not disclose details of the Xbox TV platform, such as content partners, prices, and the platform will be what TV shows and movies. But Ballmer said Microsoft will work with "dozens or hundreds of video content providers to increase the selection of content on the Xbox. In addition to on-demand video, Xbox TV platform will also provide live television programs like. Ballmer said the live show will include news, sports, and some of the user's favorite channels. It is not clear how Microsoft will operate the TV platform, but Ballmer hinted that works like the Microsoft TV platform will cooperate with a number of media companies outside the United States, such as cooperation with Sky TV in the UK, as well as cooperation with Canal Plus in France. These partners will provide limited channels through the Xbox, but users will need to install additional equipment, such as cable TV, satellite receiver or set-top box. Microsoft believes that the biggest difference between Xbox TV platform and competitors will be the voice and motion search tool. By integrating Kinect somatosensory controller, users will be able to use voice commands to browse content, and Xbox TV platform will use the search function will be (Bing) technology 


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