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Microsoft is the Skype will receive the approval

On October 6, afternoon message, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft is guaranteed to win the the acquisition of companies online telephone service Skype deal approval, the bid amount up to $8.5 billion. Reported, suggesting that Microsoft and the European Union against unfair competition institutions long-term tension eased.

The European Union is responsible for the management of market competition commissioner joaquin Almunia (Joaquí n Almunia) will give the green light for the acquisition agreement, and will not impose any remedial measures. But some potential competitors for Microsoft may put the Skype software is tied with the Windows operating system put forward the complaint.

The eu has decided to waive the second phase of in-depth investigation, approve the trading scheme, which will make Microsoft's relief, the acquisition by review time will not delay.

The federal trade commission has been approved the deal in June this year, think that there is sufficient competition on the market, such as the company's product is a powerful competitor to Skype, Google Talk. Russia, Ukraine, Serbia and Taiwan is still in the antitrust review on this deal.

Mr Almunia smoothly approved Microsoft's acquisition of Skype deal confirmed the commission for Microsoft's attitude has been a fundamental shift, the Microsoft from the commission of an enemy into a case against Google and IBM in the complainers.

Microsoft that Skype will always can be used on a competitor's software platform, such as apple's iOS, and Google's android smartphone operating system.

The world's second largest advertising giant WPP Group announced that $649 million will be 24/7 Real Media, Internet advertising company, resulting in the latter's digital marketing technology.

As early as the end of 2005, Microsoft is competing for AOL lost to Google's five percent stake in the process, and in the last month for online advertising company DoubleClick, Google and pay $3.1 billion for the second beat Microsoft. Sources said earlier this month, Microsoft has turned to target 24/7 Real Media, ready to pay $1 billion to buy, only to WPP Group and timetable, bad for Microsoft's good thing.

Late last month, also $680 million bid for yahoo Right Media all remaining shares, joined the war online advertising industry integration.

24/7 Real Media in New York have based on the search advertisement service, monitoring and analysis technology, while London WPP Group in the traditional market marketing, advertising, research strength. The combination of the two will no doubt greatly enhance the company's ability to both, and in the Internet age jockeying for position.

According to the agreement, WPP Group will be paid for every thick of 24/7 Real Media, $11.75, and in the third quarter to complete the transaction. On the nasdaq, 24/7 Real Media's share price rose 3.8%, to close at $11.69. In the past two months, the company's share price has been soaring 45%.

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