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There is no plan B? Microsoft's leverage all Windows

At the annual science and technology and the Internet industry conference, Goldman sachs against Microsoft, a high-profile claimed that he had been determined, and there is no plan B. They are not afraid to offend the investors? What is the purpose of them?

Goldman, the annual science and Technology and the Internet industry meeting (Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference), where basic hear does it one brace up news and topics. Of course, after all, all in the name of Goldman sachs industry giants such as apple, yahoo CEO has never missed a & other; The event, but this year's conference attendees are almost no one to talk about any a controversial, constructive conversation. The reason is very simple, because they don't want to offend their investors.

Peter klein, Microsoft CFO Peter klein () apparently ignored this.

In discuss how companies from the Windows desktop platform to tablets and smartphones smooth transition of this topic, Peter asked by reporters if transition failure whether Microsoft has & other; Plan B to deal with. If considering the Microsoft so far in the field of Windows 8 desktop and mobile faced severe difficulties, journalists of this question is reasonable and understandable, while Peter's response to reporters immediately amazement.

Said in an interview with Reuters correspondent Peter & other; Rather than considering a plan B to think about how the current plan execution. Our goal is to continuously upgrade and optimization of Windows product, to ensure that our users can use the most reasonable price to get the corresponding experience.

There is no plan B: Microsoft's sky over the sea

After Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7, 8 for Microsoft Windows Phone operating system is still half a plan B or plan C?)

& other; There is no doubt that they must have a plan B, this is IT, a research firm Moor Insights and Strategy, chief analyst at Patrick Moore Hyde (Patrick Moorhead) first reaction to this. Patrick is a senior industry analyst, he in the field of all kinds of business strategy and product management has more than 20 years of experience, there are 11 years is spent in AMD vice President of marketing position. & other; All the big companies will have a plan B, otherwise their strategy team should be killed off, Patrick added.

Enterprise development strategy, a professor at the Columbia business school Rita McGrath (Rita McGrath) also think that Microsoft has its own plan B, even more than one & ndash; & ndash; But Microsoft itself may not think that that is a plan B or plan C.

Rita said: & other; Although Microsoft and not trying to define their own plan B, but they are a rich in resources, the division of labor refinement of big company & ndash; & ndash; If once found wrong direction in the process of practice, or any other may result in failure problems arise, their policy makers will step in and make correction immediately. In this case, they will surely find a plan B, there are some things that have been ready. & other; My guess is that Microsoft will have functions of the real-time release plan B, but it is not a part of their overall strategy, rita added.

In addition, the university of Pennsylvania, an assistant professor Andrea matt d sheen (Andrea Matwyshyn) also pointed out at the same time, the company size and diversity of Microsoft is already the default any of its a plan B. She thinks Microsoft CFO Peter klein so-called & other; There is no plan B is only the latter to the outside world dozen newspeak, although he is honest.

& other; Have a plan B is not completely deny the original plan, I think Microsoft now do well, I don't think Microsoft's current direction and the pattern is wrong, said Andrea.

Why do you say it is necessary to plan B

Andrea's comments hit the nail on the head. Microsoft has repeatedly stressed that they have all the chips on the Windows 8, and other products and application based on Windows 8. In terms of desktop, Windows user interface changes may have brought some criticism, so now, create the perfect user experience will be the holy grail of Microsoft's success. As king Arthur's knights of the round table, the holy grail of Microsoft may be able to get it, especially in Microsoft Windows so-called Blue platform may unification, is not hard to do this. In fact, Microsoft has will all bets on the Windows platform.

& other; I think it is very meaningful to do so. For all Windows equipment develop a continuity of the user interface and the user experience will be the priority of Microsoft. Because in this case, Microsoft users can anywhere, anytime with different terminal equipment to send and receive E-mail, or log in a wide variety of applications, said Andrea.

There is no doubt that Microsoft is a vision of the big company, but even so, a set of the user interface to a mobile platform is equipped with a keyboard or desktop devices is not easy, the growth process is painful. It may succeed, also may fail, but let's pray together it can succeed, especially in the case of them doesn't even have a plan B. But in any case, Microsoft will be less than in the short run.

Enterprise development strategy, a professor at the Columbia business school said: rita & other; Personally, I strongly believe that Microsoft has a very high potential risk in the process of forward. From a psychological point of view, Microsoft product viscosity is not enough, perhaps because I am not loyal users of Microsoft, the software application is not satisfactory in some places, it's mad and old, but I only spent 18 months time fully learned how to operate it, and I also don't want to take the time to learn other things like that.

& other; But when you when to sell Microsoft product to groups of users, your customers might say: well, I still take the time to learn how to use other similar products. This is Microsoft's trouble, give her added.

Based on this, Microsoft's cross-platform strategy may drive from a buried the curse. Reality is very cruel and Windows Phone terminal equipment to the current share even not as good as the blackberry, the mobile operating system is not be valued by the industry. In addition, from industry analysts, retailers and manufacturers, according to the system based on Windows 8 PC product selling is not good. NPD research group, a consulting firm, according to a report in the listed a month of time, based on the Windows tablet PC market share less than 1% of all Windows 8 equipment.

Some PC provider has in fact will be based on the Windows RT system tablet plans on hold. Microsoft's so-called & other There is no plan B is primarily said to partners, this also is in order to alleviate them because Microsoft's huge Windows overall planning of unease.

IT research firm Moor Insights and Strategy, chief analyst at Patrick said: & other; Microsoft CFO Peter's comments that there is no plan B mainly to give partners transfer triumphalism. In general, are a long way, but Microsoft is never dismantle partners.

Microsoft in the next dish long game

For cross-platform strategy, Microsoft may be able to obtain a greater return on investment, may also be a more successful apple and android, these are unknown. We don't know who will eventually, but we know that in mobile hardware giant qualcomm is about Windows 8 and Windows RT & other; Short-term, long-term bullish attitude carefully.

Microsoft executives Tami Reller (tammy LeRuiEr) in last November's credit suisse said in an interview in the meeting of science and technology & other; Windows 8 represents the upgrading of hardware & ndash; & ndash; Operating systems and applications across generations change, it is for the future, rather than a single season.

If Microsoft's new Windows cannot succeed, and Microsoft and there is no plan B, then, we can only expect history not to repeat the past risky game.

& other; Remember the Palm? Enterprise development strategy, a professor at the Columbia business school rita McGrath said with a smile. & other; They also have no plan B, if any, they may be able to change destiny, she added.

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