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Microsoft says Windows Phone 7 system temporarily not for the tablet

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft officials said on Monday that there is no use Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system for tablets.

Microsoft senior product manager Greg Sullivan (Greg Sullivan) in the Windows Phone 7 conference, said the system is designed for smartphones, such as small screen devices, does not apply to larger screens.

Sullivan said, Microsoft will continue to improve the Windows 7, used for tablets. The operating system, the application of the rich and support touch function. Tablets similar to the PC user experience should be provided, it is necessary to specially designed for its low power version of Windows 7.

This strategy with Microsoft's major competitors in the mobile market. Apple's iOS operating system architecture of the core is the same as the iPhone. Including samsung, many vendors have released with Android tablet, the system is designed for mobile phones. RIM recently announced plans to launch a new tablet computer operating system, the system in the future also will be used for blackberry.

Tablet design concept is to e-book reading, games, web browsing and video playback function integrated into a handheld device. The device such as a tablet user, said mobile phone operating system has the advantages of traditional computer operating system does not have, such as instant boot and app store.

Sullivan insisted, however, on a tablet with Windows 7 also has its own advantages. Network and print function of Windows 7 Windows Phone 7 is stronger than the greatly simplified, and the more powerful software and drivers to enable it to interact with more hardware equipment.

Sullivan also said that if the Windows Phone 7 for tablets, will lead to those designed for smaller screen application showed abnormal development.

Some vendors said it plans to use Windows 7 system, because it is more available software. HP said, will be released for corporate users a tablet computer with a Windows 7. Dell has also unveiled a such products.

Microsoft has released before Windows Compact Embedded 7 preview, plans to put into production in this quarter. The system can be used in embedded system such as tablets.

Samsung telecommunications America branch senior manager LeiWenSen (Ray Vinson) said that samsung had discussions with Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 for tablets, but was told that it is not about Microsoft's road map.

He said that Microsoft may have decided to take the effort to ensure that execution on the intelligence of the system is good; Or found that the system has limitation, can't do this, so decided not to use it for tablets.

No matter how Microsoft intentions, some people think that Windows Phone 7 is still likely to be used in tablet.

Market analysis agencies NPD, director of industry analysis Ross Rubin said Ross Rubin, Windows Phone 7 user interface is very suitable for tablets. Panoramic view function make the screen broke through the normal limits, either landscape or portrait mode, user can be horizontal slip content.

Rubin is expected, Microsoft will be adjusted in a future version of the form of a Windows Phone 7, but first of all, will be dedicated to the mobile Phone. & other; Mobile phone is the world's largest equipment types. Microsoft's advantage in this field is the first priority. He said.

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