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Ranking the most innovative company in the United States: IBM, Microsoft, Intel in the top three

According to Forbes, the Dutch Wolters Kluwer co IFI Patent Intelligence department, according to the data of trademark and Patent office, selected the top 10 most innovative company in America. In the rankings, IBM won the 4914 U.S. patents in 2009, led the world in 17 years in a row. The second is, Microsoft won 2906 patents in 2009, followed by Intel (1537). This position is not only according to the number of patents, but also to consider technology in return. In electronics manufacturing patents, in the first 10 names is not American company, but these companies with 10 companies such as IBM cannot be compared on profitability. American companies on the capital investment rate of return (ROIC) than their foreign counterparts, computing is operating profit after taxes divided by business investment. According to the data of Worldscope, IBM ROIC is 29% in 2009, Microsoft is 36%, Intel is 10%. The samsung, Canon ROIC is less than 10%, panasonic and Toshiba is negative. The standard & poor's 500 index of stocks, the ROIC averaged 9%, technology companies an average of 9.5%. IBM last year spent $6 billion on research and development, including eight distribution in the global research LABS, and scientists in the laboratory research project has nothing to do with any specific business objectives. Other IBM last year income account for 36% of the $96 billion in revenue from the service, service utilization technology, relatively fewer manufacturing on capital investment. Calculate according to the profit of each patent, general electric (GE) ranked the first, $11.3 million per patents bring profits, followed by cisco ($6.6 million) and hewlett-packard ($6.3 million). List of the most innovative companies in America (unit: us $) Rank the company patents revenue profit ROIC patents per piece 1 the IBM 4914 4914 28.5% by 2.7 million 2 Microsoft 35.7% of the 2906 58.7163 trillion 5.6 million 3 Intel 1537 1537 10.3%, 2.8 million 4 HP 1237 11.698 trillion 14.3%, 6.3 million 5 GE 979 156.811 trillion 3.5% by 11.3 million 6 micron 966 51.925 billion - 16.2% by 1 million 7 the cisco 913 913 14.1% by 6.6 million 8 broadcom 714 45.065 billion 1.7% by 100000 9 Honeywell 655 3.0922 trillion 15.3% by 3.3 million 10 ti 652 1.0415 trillion 15.4% by 2.3 million 

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