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Apple Google Adobe giants such as Microsoft has pushed "Web platform"

In order to establish applies to all open source Web technology & other; Authoritative resources, apple, Adobe, Facebook, Google, HP, Microsoft, Mozilla, nokia and Opera has joined the world wide web consortium (W3C, together to launch a called & other; Web Platform (Web Platform) of the new site. Netease science and technology, citing foreign media reports, the new site will serve as a platform, release and HTML 5 and CSS 3 and other Web standards related to the latest high quality information, providing Web development related advice and the best technical practices. According to the W3C, the site will also show a certain technology standardization process and the implementation of the cross-browser technology progress. This site is a Wiki site, allowing each employee representatives of member companies to add his own updates. The technology has the support of capital, and have special maintenance team (W3C will become the administrator of the site). Site users can interact in the BBS or in IRC discussion on their own projects and coding tips. All files uploaded to the site released in creative Commons license. Site resources from different companies, but also encourage visitors through the Wiki to share code examples, techniques and any other relevant information. As Adobe said: & other; Now, create and maintain the most extensive, most authoritative web technology resources depends on the cooperation of the entire group. Therefore, the site immediately, contribute their strength. Recently, Microsoft providers involved in hardware, the first computer peripherals products held by the China merchants bank & other; Perfect, snapping up hot commodity promotion, this is the first time China merchants bank in a premium shopping list to add computer peripheral products. From March 12 to June 30, consumers can take almost half lower than market price, made on the installment plan to buy Microsoft wireless bully ray shark 5000 mouse. This means that consumers need to spend 20 yuan a month can be a blend of a number of innovative technology of Microsoft Microsoft wireless bully ray shark 5000 mouse for home. In recent years as the promotion and popularization of the credit card consumption has gradually replaced the traditional shopping way, become the new trend of shopping. Constantly explore new shopping channel, in the first place for the user to change the computer experience with innovative products is Microsoft hardware always adhere to the faith. Earlier, Microsoft hardware has been good cooperation with China merchants bank mall, Microsoft hardware products in China merchants bank can be performed online mall to buy. The below-market nearly half the price of cooperation with China merchants bank, is a Microsoft hardware for long-term focus on customer feedback, this will also meet more and more users use the desire of the peripherals of healthy and comfortable, let Microsoft hardware innovation of science and technology real return on the public. In this activity, the masses of users will be able to ultra-low prices to buy Microsoft wireless bully ray shark 5000 mouse. This mouse USES Microsoft's ergonomic design, unique symmetric shape make the mouse applies with either hand. In addition, the technical indicators of wireless bully ray shark 5000 also goes beyond the traditional mouse positioning, high resolution laser technology to support the resolution of 1000 dpi, 6000 FPS video uptake rate and can handle up to 8.5 million per second operation instructions are greatly improve the tracking ability of the mouse and positioning technology, combined with the five customizable buttons, especially for this mouse graces many, makes it necessary for the computer you choose. 

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