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Visit the home of Microsoft's future: touch screen everywhere

A few yards from headquarters of Microsoft executives office has a special room, it represents the Microsoft's vision of the future homes and offices. Microsoft senior product planning Harald Becker, Harald Becker to take us on a tour of the special room. The room is usually closed to the public, can only make an appointment to visit clients. From here to Microsoft's home of the future.


Becker told us that the room is similar to a concept car, the Microsoft technology team built in the research and development personnel, on behalf of the Microsoft science and technology investment for the future. Although not yet deliver, the room is showing the interconnection, synchronous processing equipment will be how to change our life and work. Microsoft's vision of the future, including family, work, entertainment and other.


Becker is roughly introduced Microsoft's vision of the future.


Full of sense of the future office, with open and leisure space.


Modern work environment, equipped with modern whiteboard.


The user can transfer whiteboards to Surface in the tablets.


Ubiquitous giant touch screens, it is Microsoft's acquisition of Perceptive Pixel company produced products.


Gently only a single shot, the user can transfer the ongoing work on Surface to the big screen.


In the big screen, the user can drag and drop components to complete the project, you can also access to information, the operation is very easy.


Modern the giant screen in the meeting room.


The user can draw the touch screen program.


If the user needs to order the project need a part that can instantly bring up the component video is introduced.


Simulation of retail goods store in the future.


Select from a retail store toys, put on a touch screen.


Touch screen will display information such as the price of the toy. If you need to buy, you can use the NFC (near field communication) phone to complete the payment, and then enter the mailing address on the screen, the store will be sent.


Microsoft's home of the future put a motorcycle, but this is just a decoration, the company did not show motorcycle technology in the future.


This shows how stores will evolve.


Receive customer's restaurant. We don't have the dinner, so I don't know the restaurant which joined the elements of science and technology.


Move on.


Now came to the family area, becker shows using device camera scanning a pot, he is going to his home in a 3 d printer to print out the POTS.


Before printing, he USES motion control technology reshape the POTS, some slim.


As you can see, touch screen and projection occupies an important place in the room of Microsoft's future.


Now went into the kitchen, still cannot leave a touch screen.


On this screen, the user can find recipes and cooking guide.


Contrast cookbook, began to cook.


Users can also completed in virtual under the guidance of the chef to cook.


Digital photo frame is widely used to show works and photos.


Now came to the sitting room, this is Microsoft's ambitious want & other; Occupy the place.


Video chat, telling a story for children through the screen.


Children can choose to appear in the small animals in the story, and then put it on the camera, Microsoft's technology will identify and add it to the story.


Story illustrations are displayed on the screen.


Children can use Surface filmed scene in the story, and then to explore more information.


Projector projection out occasional leaves, the leaves can move around.


Ended the visit of the chamber of Microsoft's future.

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