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Microsoft's third-quarter net profit of $ 6 billion up by 18.5%

Microsoft today released the 2013 fiscal third quarter earnings. The report shows that Microsoft's third-quarter revenue of $ 20.489 billion, an increase of 18% over last year's $ 17.407 billion; net profit of $ 6.055 billion, an increase of 18.5% compared to $ 5.108 billion for the same period last year. Microsoft's third-quarter results exceeded Wall Street expectations, pushing its shares rose 2 percent in after-hours.
In the quarter ended March 31, Microsoft's net income was $ 6.055 billion, earnings per share of 72 cents, this performance better than last year. Third quarter of fiscal 2012, Microsoft's net profit 5.108 billion U.S. dollars, earnings per share of 60 cents. Microsoft's third-quarter operating profit was $ 7.612 billion, an increase of 19% compared with $ 6.374 billion a year earlier. Microsoft's third-quarter revenue of $ 20.489 billion, an increase of 18% compared with $ 17.407 billion for the same period last year. Thomson Reuters survey, analysts on average had expected Microsoft's third-quarter earnings per share of 68 cents on revenue of $ 20.5 billion. Excluding one-time items, Microsoft's third-quarter adjusted earnings per share of 65 cents, adjusted revenue of $ 18.83 billion.
In the third quarter of fiscal 2013, Microsoft Windows division revenue was $ 5.703 billion, compared to $ 4.633 billion; operating profit of $ 3.459 billion, compared to $ 2.979 billion.
Microsoft's server and tools division revenue was $ 5.039 billion, compared to $ 4.531 billion; operating profit of $ 1.979 billion, compared to $ 1.686 billion.
Microsoft's online services business revenue was $ 832 million, compared to $ 707 million; operating loss of $ 262 million last year, compared to an operating loss of $ 480 million.
Microsoft's business division's third-quarter revenue of $ 6.319 billion, compared to $ 5.842 billion; operating profit of $ 4.104 billion, compared to $ 3.797 billion.
Microsoft's entertainment and devices division's third-quarter revenue of $ 2.531 billion, compared to $ 1.618 billion; operating profit of $ 342 million last year, compared to an operating loss of $ 228 million.
Microsoft's third-quarter revenue of other departments $ 65 million, compared to $ 76 million; Microsoft's enterprise-level activities in the third quarter of $ 2.01 billion operating loss, compared with operating loss of $ 1.38 billion over the same period.
Microsoft CFO Peter Klein (Peter Klein), said: "Although faced with the evolution of the equipment market, but the company still continues to diversify business performance delivered solid financial results. Looking ahead, we will continue to invest in long-term growth opportunities, advancing our equipment and services strategy to deliver more value for shareholders.
Microsoft expects operating expenses for fiscal year 2013 to $ 30.2 billion $ 30.5 billion, lower than previously expected. Microsoft also initially expected, operating expenses in fiscal year 2014 than in fiscal year 2013 operating expenses are expected to range in value adjusted growth of 4% to 6%, to $ 31.6 billion to $ 32.2 billion.
Microsoft also announced, CFO Klein will leave at the end of the current fiscal year (June this year). Klein has worked at Microsoft for 11 years, has also served as CFO positions for nearly four years. Microsoft will announce a new CFO candidates in the coming weeks, candidates will come from the company's financial leadership team. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer), said: "I ​​have always been with Klein as CFO delighted to cooperate. He is our key member of the leadership team, and also my strategy consultant.
Klein said: "Whether as CFO, Microsoft or my work all the time, I have gained a very good experience. We have a very strong financial organization. I look forward to my successor at the end of the previous fiscal period of transition to cooperate.
Day, Microsoft shares fell on the Nasdaq in regular trading $ 0.04, to close at $ 28.79, down 0.12%. In the ensuing at 16:58 U.S. Eastern Time (Beijing time at 4:58 on the 19th) in after-hours trading, Microsoft shares rose $ 0.61, to $ 29.40, or 2.12%. Over the past 52 weeks, Microsoft's highest price is $ 32.89, a low of $ 26.26.

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