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Microsoft: WGA validation hour black is a gentle reminder

October 15 news, Microsoft China today detailed answers to issues related to Windows XP Professional and Office Genuine Advantage program. Microsoft said the aim of this program is to allow users to identify only used Microsoft products are genuine, hourly "black is just a gentle reminder of piracy, the user can choose not to install.
From October 20, Microsoft will launch two important updates in China - Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications (referred to as "WGA notifications) and Office Genuine Advantage Notifications (referred to as" OGA notifications). If the user can not be validated, Office user software will be permanently added visual markers, Windows XP user's desktop background, but every one hour would be black.
Since the 13th to the 20th China exposed to deploy Microsoft Windows and Office Genuine Advantage program, users react very strongly. Some say to turn off automatic updates to bypass authentication, and some say the switch to other systems or office software, some users analyze Microsoft's move is to promote Vista, even some friends that "black is very aggressive approach Microsoft hour.
Sina science and technology with the problems of concern to more users of Microsoft China, Lin Cong Wu client products, such as Microsoft China Business Marketing Director, responsible person to Beijing detailed interpretation of some of the media WGA and OGA strategy.
Microsoft to come up with a set of data shows that in 2007 China had 20.1 percent of the pirates mistakenly thought at the time to buy a computer installed genuine operating system. Launch WGA and OGA is to help users screened them installed in your computer system and Office software, Microsoft XP is genuine, to help those users to install and use pirated software unknowingly protected from abuse.
Now just to help users learn the use of the product is genuine, using hourly "black (desktop wallpaper automatically become pure black), and other ways to intervene if the interrupt log in as users have said is" radical, Lin Cong Wu said "black is in order to alert users to the piracy problem in good faith and to promote its use of legitimate action, giving the user experience is not too much so. He also noted that Microsoft has been reflected concerns of users, and will continue to adjust the user experience.
WGA and OGA notification-style services are optional. Users can lead the Microsoft update site or choose to download and install updates automatically, learn to use their own system or software is genuine and obtained the appropriate license.
If the user already knows their use is genuine, do not choose to download and install this service will not have a future use and update any impact. But Microsoft reminder systems and software in order to make in a safe under the protection does not recommend that users turn off automatic updates.
If a new round of WGA is running, then the OGA is the first start in China. Office Product Manager Zhang Yan said, this is not specifically for Chinese consumers to make the move, China is one of the first delivery of the OGA, either WGA or OGA are then promoted in the United States after the first run to the ball.
Why only for Microsoft XP Professional Edition, which is the media and the user wants to know. "Absolutely not trying to promote Vista sales, Lin Cong Wu insisted that there is a genuine Microsoft plans to launch the selected products to a more serious problem, Microsoft XP Professional Edition users find very much in China, which has in Sina survey the proof, so this one chose XP professional Edition. Vista has been pushed up earlier in the same authentication, and have the same "black screen user experience.

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