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Microsoft Windows Phone huge marketing costs or naught

According to foreign media reports, market research firm Strategy Analytics, said the latest assessment report, Microsoft millions of dollars in marketing costs hit Windows Phone platform on its sales in the United States may have little effect. The report is expected this year, Windows Phone mobile phone market share will only 4.1%. And Google's Android and Apple's iOS operating system will continue to dominate, where Android's market share more than half, while Apple's market share is only about 29%.
Microsoft Windows Phone huge marketing costs or naught
Managing Director at Strategy Analytics Neil - Moston (Neil Mawston) said, Windows Phone handsets in the U.S. market share from 3.5% growth in 2011 to 4.1% in 2012, equivalent to its sales from 3.5 million units (All smartphone sales of 1 million units) increased to 500 million units (all smartphone sales to 123 million units). However, he warned that higher Microsoft Windows Phone software licensing fees to allow handset vendors prohibitive, limiting its usage growth. The mobile operators serve to promote the Apple iPhone, and provide higher subsidies to attract high-end consumers. This further strengthens Apple's position in the market.
Meanwhile, BlackBerry maker RIM's market share is expected to continue to decline year by year. Moston refused to give information about Android, iPhone or BlackBerry market share specific forecast data. However, Windows Phone and the iPhone sales growth can only be explained, BlackBerry's market share continued to decline.
Moston, Nokia, HTC and Samsung Windows Phone will drive the growth of mobile phone sales, of course, mainly through Nokia's Lumia series phones to achieve. However, the gap between sales of Windows Phone and other platforms, the challenge means that Microsoft and Nokia faces daunting.
In October 2010, Microsoft has invested about $ 400 million to release Windows Phone, and Nokia to provide one billion U.S. dollars of subsidies. However, a variety of forecast data show that this has not been attractive mobile software consumers or businesses, although wireless carriers AT & T being carried out to promote, through its retail stores. Analyst with market research firm Asymco's Horace - Dedi Ou (Horace Dediu) through integrated ComScore and Nielsen data projections, as of the end of May, Nokia sold 330,000 units equipped with the Lumia Windows Phone handsets, and Android and the iPhone sales reached tens of millions of units.
Moston, "said the leader to break the shackles of Android and Apple, is not easy. We believe that Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 platform to develop, it must be a lot of improvements, such as support for multi-core chipsets such as advanced technology, improving the Marketplace application store, to increase the number of Windows Phone handsets Nokia or Samsung and other major partners, as well as consider reducing the licensing fees charged to the smart phone manufacturer. He said that due to the high cost of Windows Phone software license, the software has still not been universal.

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