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Microsoft angry: pay for the WP application development

Now, the core of the smart phone is used. However, there are thousands of applications for iOS and Android Lumia900 such as this can not be run on a Microsoft Windows Phone-based handsets. In fact due to the current market size of Windows Phone is still small, many application developers do not want to develop a Windows Phone-based applications. Microsoft's point of view on this very thoroughly, and finally under the cruel: In order to grow Windows Phone app store, Microsoft is ready for those who develop Windows-based applications to provide financial support.
Microsoft will be the main choice of those applications have been successful in other platforms to provide financial support. Depending on the application developer's estimate, according to their complex situations, a software development costs between 60,000 to 600,000 U.S. dollars. Google and Apple are not that exciting, so Microsoft may be able to attract a part of this trick developers.
Previously, Microsoft has been trying various methods, such as by providing free mobile developers to apply it in a prime location in advertising and App Store, and so to stimulate the application developers. However, Microsoft's most radical policies. Currently, several companies, including Foursquare, etc. has its good show.
Microsoft's app store currently contains more than 70,000 applications, including Netflix, YouTube and other relatively long history of big-name software, but also the lack of such a large thermal applications such newly Pandora, Instagram. And in the Apple iTunes App Store and Google, the data of up to 600,000 and 400,000 respectively. However, analysts said, "after the number of applications reached 100,000, meaning it is not the numbers. For Microsoft, as long as its application store that contains the user's favorite and most need to mainstream applications.
To combat piracy, Microsoft on Monday began in the United States from successive sued 21 companies selling pirated Microsoft software.
Object is reported in Washington state is being sued Computer Solutions LLC and Vancouver both companies, other companies have been sued over California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. All defendants were charged with illegal sale or copy of Microsoft software, or illegal copies of Microsoft software installed.
After a practice in which they authorize the same by installing the software on more than one PC in order to save costs. However, the buyer usually not necessary to reinstall the software serial number.
Microsoft's anti-piracy responsible Sharon Cates said: "Consumers usually pay the full price, but did not actually get all that stuff.
Only part of the contents of these, it is learned mainly around Microsoft's lawsuit focuses on the illegal copying of software with packaging. Microsoft claims, in which eight companies are repeat offenders.
According to the Business Software Alliance estimates that the proportion of U.S. computer software piracy has dropped 22% from 2005 to the current 20%, while losses due to piracy last year of about $ 8 billion.

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