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Microsoft is releasing a new version of the handset system

In order to take full advantage of the Windows brand, Microsoft on Monday released a Windows Mobile handset operating system, but no increase in many functions. Originally for Pocket PC or Pocket PC 2002 Upgrades compared to new software changes are rare, but many, including HP, Dell, ViewSonic, Toshiba hardware vendors will take advantage of the new operating system introduced a new handset or to upgrade your existing product. Microsoft Windows product manager in the Mobile sector, Edward said, and few new features in this version of the software, which improves the user experience. In particular, its new operating system, simplifying the connections with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks and improve the functionality of your e-mail as well as synchronize with the Exchange, however, some of these features we use are some of the features in Exchange 2003. Microsoft also uses this version of the Pocket PC operating system has been replaced by name, it now has a new name: Windows Mobile 2003 Software for Pocket PC, which is two operating system, Pocket PC and Smartphone integration for a new brand of Windows Mobile a try. New operating system adds a new games and software that is used to display a picture, it will be better than previous version more attractive to consumers. Because of the integration with Windows Media 9Technology, using this version of the operating system of the device can play your digital pictures as a slide, as well as from a Windows PC to download TV shows. Although on the face of it are not very different, but internally it is still quite a big change. This version of the operating system Microsoft has shifted from Windows CE 3.0 based kernel for Windows CE.Net 4.2 and also adds support for a new keyboard. Toshiba plans to launch two new handsets with new operating systems, high-end product sells for $ 499, low-end product sells for $ 299. HP planned to use newer versions of the operating system to upgrade the two existing hand-held products. ViewSonic company introduced a built-in digital camera Pocket PC V36. Through the introduction of new operating system software, Microsoft tried to convince developers-in particular have developed Windows software developers can more easily develop in their software on a handheld platform
At the IT Forum in Barcelona, Microsoft officially unveiled Windows PowerShellcommand line tool version 1.0 final. PowerShell is an alternative to Microsoft'sproducts, after all, the Corporation has focused on the graphical interface,competitive software stays on the server command line. PowerShell's aim was tocreate a Unix-like shell, provides advanced scripting capabilities for systemadministrators and retains the simplicity of programming, so as to make iteasier to automate and control the Windows desktop, server tasks. Code-namedMonad PowerShell development initially is intended to replace the command-linetools in Windows, Unix shell competition as an object-oriented command-lineshell for system, but Microsoft temporarily retracted this ambition, thistechnology will continue to improve in the coming years. For now, PowerShell'smain target is running Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft IT administrators so thatit can be done in the command line all work in a graphical interface. PowerShellDeveloper Alex Heaton explained: "imagine that it is a combination of CMD.EXEunder Windows and VBScript version, easy to use, allows you to automate andcontrol system management tasks. ”
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