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Microsoft is falling behind the times before moving to challenge Apple Linux

Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin recently in Business Week published an article entitled "to create free and open source software, excellent article, the article pointed out in today's mobile computing era, Microsoft has been left behind, and only be able to challenge Apple Linux camp. The following is a translation of this review:
Apple released iPhone 4 once again raised the computer industry, the competitiveness of the product definition standards. In the world hundreds of millions of networking products, mobile devices have the greatest influence, while Apple has clearly leading in this area.
Microsoft has been widely seen as the loser of mobile computing era, while Linux is gradually showing the strength of Apple's main challenger. Including Nokia, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, etc., companies are using Linux as the foundation of its large number of products. Linux is now the basis for Google Android smartphone operating system and the Chrome OS PC operating systems, Intel, Nokia's Meego system, HP's Palm WebOS systems are based on Linux.
We are moving towards a new technological era, in this era is located in one of the apple, almost everyone else stood on the other. Linux needs to compete more effectively with Apple's Steve Jobs and his magic. For open source products, provide more value is clearly more important than the mere "free. Open source software also needs to be excellent.
User Experience Priority
Since the 1990s, became popular in Linux technology people, the password as a command and simple user interface became its typical characteristics. Was mainly used for the Linux server market, it can be understood. After all, the standard measure of the merits of the data center is not a good user interface.
But in the consumer electronics market, the problem is completely different. Mobile Linux vendors must increase investment in key technology open source projects, to improve the user experience for all components of Linux devices. Including product activation make faster, better quality of network connections, display images and more smoothly. In the server market, IBM began a decade ago to improve the use of Linux systems and technical personnel to increase investment in the Linux camp, the mobile industry should do so.
The reason why the mobile industry to embrace Linux, is to meet the dual challenge of high research and development costs and quick replacement. The cost of providing superior user experience increasingly high, and the market maker to give payback time is getting short.
One answer to solve this problem is to develop shared. Open source and free software to reduce development costs and accelerate speed to market. When a company to solve a technical problem, all companies will be able to gain, while still able to keep the difference between them through different applications. Apple does not provide this flexibility for everyone.
Apple controls its chips, its operating system and App Store, mandatory compliance with their rules of other companies. This model brings to an enterprise contrast to its status is not high profits.
In fact, the mobile computing device industry, hardware manufacturers, software developers and network operators are interdependent. See trouble AT & T can not provide enough bandwidth due to the iPhone users. Apple and other manufacturers are trying to give their products to provide more bandwidth, but this requires a lot of investment operators to increase the base station, upgrade equipment.

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