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June 20 is World Refugee Day, the United Nations Refugee Commission Against Corruption announced a plan to provide better education and sports opportunities for nine million refugee children around the world about global awareness and fundraising activities, launched a website nine million (Ninemillion.org). Microsoft has launched a support "nine million" program search site called "Click4TheCause". As we are familiar with, like a bottle of spring water to donate a penny farmer works, visitors on this site search time, Microsoft will donate a penny to the rescue nine million project. "Microsoft is obligated to make contributions to charity, but we are as much as possible the impact of global users involved." Live Search Leader Derrick Connell said, "Our MSN and Live Search a million hits per month, we hope to use these advantages for nine million refugee children to do something. "this site operations this year March 31 deadline, regardless of the situation, Microsoft will at least come up with $ 100,000 to fund the refugee relief projects. In addition to donations, Microsoft also want to make everyone understand this charity event will probably continue for some time, but left the effects might bring some additional attention. Well-known companies such as Nike, also participated in the nine million charitable projects, their slogan is: ". Help them learn Help them play".
From the studio Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix companies together to create the "Tomb Raider" series for the latest at the end of the first quarter of this year will formally meet with the players. At the same time, Microsoft also recently launched a limited edition accompanying Xbox 360 theme handle.
According to Microsoft introduces the launch of "Tomb Raider 9" limited edition Xbox 360 wireless controller on a double shell laser etching process using technology to show a shabby and quite wild visual effects, and the overall handle the color and pattern ideas come mainly from the trailer Laura iconic mountaineering ax and bandage.
Meanwhile, the limited edition Xbox 360 also has the function to strengthen the handle, which not only have up to 30 feet farther effective control, but also provides the player with a customizable D-pad controls to provide a better game operation feel.
In addition, Microsoft will each purchase to handle a limited edition Xbox 360 gamers to download game content distributed a secret order, players can download and activate this secret order special items in the game.
It is reported that "Tomb Raider 9" limited edition Xbox 360 will handle simultaneous listing in the March 5 game body, its price is $ 59.99 (about 370 yuan).

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