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Imagine The World Team

Participate in Microsoft training so she got work now - doing business in poverty alleviation housekeeping receptionist. And now, her dream is to become a great company clerk, it is impossible to come into contact with her former dream job. With skills training skills in Microsoft Community Learning Center, she now has the skills, work now can enjoy six insurance payments. Stable, steady income, you can also send money to the family schedule. I especially liked our work atmosphere, learn from colleagues and bosses exchanges every day had a very full. Microsoft training let me have it all, right now life, I am very satisfied.
Through Microsoft's Imagine Cup, Microsoft Youth Spark programs, Microsoft helps China Youth in practice, constantly learning, rich imagination, enhance innovation capability: Since 2004, about 200,000 Chinese students to participate in the Imagine Cup, four were given the first prize, nine second prize and third prize eight, more than 12 Chinese team after the game founded his own company; through Microsoft youth Spark Program, Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd. has passed the China Foundation for Youth Entrepreneurship employment networks and projects so that more than 80,000 young people benefit directly. Beginning in May 2013, the two sides will continue cooperation to build 11 information skills training centers to provide multiple levels of youth to the community, interdisciplinary comprehensive training courses. The course includes office software applications, information technology trends introduction. There are 50,000 young people will receive professional training of teachers in these centers.
Microsoft Imagine Cup: Dare to dream brave front row - dream trip Imagine The World Team
This is a 90 team, is the tale of two cities on the campus of the Imagine Cup, but Imagine The World team for the realization of the dream of another fight.
Imagine The World team consists of Xi'an Communication Engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology 2010 undergraduate students Gezhuo Chen, 刘仁俊 with sincerity School of Computer Engineering, Fuzhou University student Lin Cheng Fan, Jin Yonghui intercollegiate composed their works Mental Care Plus won the 2013 Microsoft Imagine Cup will directly qualify for the Imagine Cup World Finals in July, held in St. Petersburg, Russia.
葛 卓琛 team is the second time to participate in Microsoft's Imagine Cup, this time, four of them all the way, and the line car, first walk through Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu, more than 1,500 kilometers to reach school research practice (Shanghai Dong Feng-US healthy schools), while research while debugging ; then arrived in Beijing 1100 kilometers north all the way, the car has become their laboratories. Gezhuo Chen said: It's like a dream that we participate in the Imagine Cup tour. We are on the road, trust, manipulation with a steering wheel to a direction.
Mental Care Plus is inspired by captain Gezhuo Chen volunteer work for several years, he was concerned about this since junior high school on vulnerable groups. Help children with intellectual disabilities and rehabilitation work in support of the government, teachers and parents have been more abundant under financial support, but because of the domestic market for concern in this direction is not enough, and there is little related product development. Imagine The World team, from 2011 on collective stationed in Shanghai Dong Feng-US healthy schools, and the kids eat the same lesson, from close observation of the child's demeanor. In the research process, there are a lot of kids to music class somatosensory game has a strong interest for tablet PCs, mobile phones and desktop computers with curiosity. In the exchange with the teacher, the external stimuli and somatosensory interaction they learned music can promote the rehabilitation of their brain, so he was born on active 3D technology and space gesture control of Mental Care Plus works.
Mental Care Plus Development from October 2012 began to conduct research from the most basic 3D, to study Kinect SDK, will eventually be combined with 3D gesture butt section, from the bottom to the top game developers algorithm and 3D glasses are modified throughout Team co-operation results. When the date approaches, many tasks are not completed, but to use the successful experience of the 2012 Microsoft Imagine Cup ---- Closed developed to solve. Sincerity, Fuzhou University School of Forestry and 金勇辉 who rushed into Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology Laboratory to develop them from room and board, all the laboratory. Inside the longest time there have been six days without a bath, four days is not out of the laboratory building, two days have not been out of the lab. Four people through the night, often sleeping in the morning 4-5 points, 9-10 in the morning to get up development. After a concentrated assault developed nine days to complete degree work has been greatly improved, art is more refined, more gameplay, eye gesture tracking more stable, Bug also significantly reduced. These are drawing on the experience of last year's Imagine Cup, the final assault for an effective means of work.
For them, the Microsoft Imagine Cup is one where the hero does not ask the source, where they are more purely to do the project; Meanwhile, the Imagine Cup to give them the opportunity to come into contact with the latest Microsoft technologies and platforms, and game competition system can also be make it easier for them to make achievements.
Last year, Imagine The World team won first place in the software design. Through Imagine Cup, on the one hand, they got the guidance of Microsoft experts and judges, to develop a vision, greatly enhance the technical capacity and skills; on the other hand, get a variety of resources and support to schools.

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