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July 2014
text: Nokia Lumia 930 sales in the USA (informal) $ 699.99
Pre-opening week in the UK Nokia Lumia 930, the availability of a new flagship Windows Phone 8.1 in July 17. In London, Micro...
text: Apple's new recovery Resume
When Apple CEO Steve - Steve Jobs when iCloud cloud service (Steve Jobs) comes, he casually said that "it is easy to use this...
text: Ubuntu spoiler mobile operating systems: Microsoft, Google is difficult to cross the mountains
Even the mobile operating system market has been Apple, Google, Microsoft "three big mountains, but still can not stop the en...
July 2014
url: Office 2013
July 2014
text: Microsoft's gamble actually blocked Win7 Win8
Industry questioned about Win8 never stop, but the first month of sales data to Microsoft finally released the official earne...
text: Decrypt Microsoft Lost Decade: passive system design
August of this year, Vanity Fair magazine published an article on Microsoft's lost decade in-depth interpretation. Because of...
text: Amazon, Facebook or marriage Microsoft
U.S. technology blog BusinessInsider wrote today, five possibilities for RIM's larger restructuring analyzed, and that no mat...
July 2014
text: Microsoft's Hotmail system failure explain the whole story
Last week, Microsoft's Windows Live Hotmail have to admit failure, resulting in a user's mailbox is completely emptied and cl...
text: Microsoft introduced the latest technology the new mouse and keyboard
Microsoft recently released a variety of mouse and keyboard new products, including two of the mouse using the latest Microso...
text: Microsoft launched Windows Mobile software autumn or online store
According to foreign media reports, Microsoft will likely launch as Apple and Google mobile software shop. Recent job adverti...
July 2014
text: Microsoft is pushing Spindex social media integration
Microsoft's Future Social Experiences Labs (Future Social Experience Lab) department will Spindex products, daring opponents ...
text: Microsoft Surface RT hide poor performance was a class action
U.S. law firm Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP (hereinafter referred to as "Robbins Geller) today announced that it has repre...
text: Microsoft asked the U.S. Customs to prohibit imports of Motorola phones
Microsoft on Friday submitted a motion to the court, asked the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Bureau to implement the imp...
July 2014
text: Additional image features Microsoft Hotmail termination cited public anger
According to foreign media reports, since because of security vulnerabilities Microsoft abruptly canceled a common feature in...
text: Microsoft's executive vice president: a new CEO from within the company or produce
According to foreign media reports, "Reuters," said the statement, said John Thompson, executive vice president of Microsoft'...