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Apple's new recovery Resume

When Apple CEO Steve - Steve Jobs when iCloud cloud service (Steve Jobs) comes, he casually said that "it is easy to use this mantra. This platform is essentially to obtain data from several devices, and then push them to the other users. Apple and Microsoft operating system wars, the importance of this platform should not be overlooked. Now, Apple iCloud introduced some unique and easy to use features. Moreover, it does not support Windows Phone 7 and hit Android powered devices. If you fall in love with iCloud, and found that it's worth, they will not hesitate to choose an iPhone or iPad, while not choose Windows Phone devices.

In the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 6, Apple Mac OS X Lion comes to the operating system will have a new feature that restore function Resume. This new feature allows the user to close the application or restart the computer automatically revert to the previous state when exiting the application. This feature may not seem like anything important update, but very practical. For years, users have been hoping to have a function like this, Apple is now finally meet their needs. In addition to restoring function Resume, Apple's Mac OS X Lion operating system also has many other new features that will give Windows users impressed, but also another reason why Microsoft should feel fear.
10. Enable developers to greatly moved
Since the January launch of the Mac App Store Apple "Snow Leopard operating system, since it has already attracted a lot of users. In the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple claims, Mac App Store is access to the world's top buy apps, it's sold more than Best Buy (BEST BUY), Wal-Mart (Wal-Mart) and Office Depot (Office Depot) as well as other retailers. This makes for the Mac, and iOS operating systems developed applications become ever tempting, but also makes becoming attractive as they used to develop applications for Microsoft Windows. In the showdown with Microsoft, Apple this advantage may become more powerful than people think an important weapon.

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