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Microsoft introduced the latest technology the new mouse and keyboard

Microsoft recently released a variety of mouse and keyboard new products, including two of the mouse using the latest Microsoft technologies: Wireless silver shark (Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer) and wireless sapphire blue shark (Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse), and two Wireless Mouse: Wireless Desktop Set elite Edition (Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Elite) and wireless Desktop Set Smart Edition (Microsoft Basic Wireless Optical Desktop). Microsoft's new hardware is so compelling, one important reason is that a number of Microsoft applications of new technology in their new products. The new Microsoft mouse for the first time listed on the Tilt Wheel technology, called a new revolution in mouse technology. Application of Microsoft's new Tilt Wheel Technology has better mouse control functions, supports four-way scroll wheel, without the use of the application, down, left, right, scroll bar, can you edit Excel spreadsheets and Web browsing large give users a great quick and easy. These Microsoft wireless mouse, and also uses HDR RF technology, wireless mouse products with higher than generally reported twice the speed, and high data rate wired USB mouse products comparable. Since the application of the wireless mouse HDR RF technology to reduce the transmission time of the waiting time, with precise digital frequency synthesis, its performance is close to a "wired" experience, there is no sense of delay. Microsoft's new application of optical wireless chip technology was new mouse provides superior performance. Microsoft's new wireless mouse only has up to 6,000 frames / sec scan rate, but also has better energy-saving performance, built-in battery usage time has also been extended battery life of at least six months, and a battery can work , has been greatly improved over previous wireless mouse. In addition, the new intelligent technology applications received, but also greatly reduces the incidence of string lines and signal interference, so that the new Microsoft mouse wireless technology more outstanding. In terms of Microsoft's mouse and keyboard set, in addition to the previous network keyboard hotkeys and multimedia hot keys, but also increased the "My Favorites Keys" function keys, allowing users more convenient collection sites. It is reported that these new products will enter the Chinese market in November.
Microsoft yesterday patched Live Search API, providing developers with a more powerful embedded services, Angus Norton, senior director of Microsoft's Live Search, Silkroad is a new API Live Search, which supports a wider range of open network protocols, including RSS, REST, XML and JSON, and relaxed the application API.
Microsoft to restrict the use of third-party API when ever made ​​some modifications, no longer limited number of website, web developers can arrange for any content, pictures can also be found in the integration of Microsoft's own site, news search and Mobile image Search, and "have absolute control over.

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