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Microsoft asked the U.S. Customs to prohibit imports of Motorola phones

Microsoft on Friday submitted a motion to the court, asked the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Bureau to implement the import ban on Motorola phones to move.
U.S. International Trade Commission (hereinafter referred to as "ITC) ruled in May last year, Google's Motorola Mobility infringed Microsoft's patented generate and synchronize calendar items, and therefore banned all imports of U.S. market infringing devices.
Microsoft said that all systems using Google Android phones have been affected by the ban. But Google said the ban applies only to the part of Motorola's mobile Android phone.
However, criticism has been again and again after, Microsoft has finally changed their indifferent attitude began to encourage IE6 users to upgrade to IE8. In the Christmas shopping season approaching, the cooperation of Microsoft and eBay Web Slice (Web Slice) in IE8, like Live Bookmarks to provide users with a variety of promotional product content and price.
According to legal documents submitted by Microsoft, the ban should take effect 60 days after the ITC ruling, but has not been implemented. The company in motion, said: "Customs and Border Protection Bureau has repeatedly allowed to evade the ban of Motorola's mobile, according to the statement of operations is a secret, but the Customs and Excise Department has refused to share the document with Microsoft.
Google believes that Microsoft is trying to expand the scope of the ban. The company spokesman Matt Kalman (Matt Kallman) said: "The U.S. Customs rejected Microsoft's behavior is correct, the company trying to expand the scope of the patent, to prevent Americans use every legal calendar function on your phone, such as arranging meeting.
U.S. Customs spokesman declined to comment.
Microsoft's move is the latest trend in this global smartphone patent wars, the matter has been involved in a number of companies, the war will spread to more than ten countries.
ITC before the main Deanna Tanner Okun)that this dispute shows that to determine which product in the high-tech era of patent infringement has been a substantial increase in difficulty, but the officers may not have sufficient expertise to perform this task.
"The problem has been upgraded, the system has become obsolete, they are still in use 20 years ago, methods and procedures. She said.

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