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Ubuntu spoiler mobile operating systems: Microsoft, Google is difficult to cross the mountains

Even the mobile operating system market has been Apple, Google, Microsoft "three big mountains, but still can not stop the enthusiasm of other vendors. Swordfish (Sailfish), Firefox OS, after Tizen, Ubuntu and rushed.
January 3, open-source Linux operating system Ubuntu officially released the mobile operating system for smart phones, mobile phones equipped with the system will be on display at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, but the specific products on the market at the earliest until the end of the year.
Ubuntu chief representative in China Liqiang revealed to the SAN, "Ubuntu positive contact with domestic and foreign manufacturers, they are on the phone operating system Ubuntu showed great interest.
Must enter
Canonical's Ubuntu operating system by the operators to promote the company by the South African billionaire Mark Shuttleworth • (Mark Shuttleworth) was founded in 2004, employs nearly 600 people, mainly Ubuntu revenue by providing related technical services. Under his leadership, Ubuntu almost every half a year to launch a new version.
Ubuntu fame in the field of open source software is very large, you can say that it is worldwide the most successful of a Linux operating system vendor. By partnering with Lenovo, HP, Dell and other PC makers, Ubuntu has over 21 million users worldwide. Currently, Ubuntu users focused on the PC side, but the field has already moved into the top of the agenda in Ubuntu.
December 26, 2012, Mark gave Ubuntu users to write an open letter to discuss Ubuntu 2013 years of development strategies. In the letter, he said, 2013 will be all around the mobile launch Ubuntu - Ubuntu into the smart phones and tablet PCs. In the previous, he has also expressed similar views in an interview.
But the outside world did not expect was that a week after the publication of this letter, Ubuntu mobile operating system was released. Clearly, Ubuntu is ready for a long time.
"As computing devices become integrated, mobile field is Ubuntu must enter a market. At Liqiang revealed to the SAN, Ubuntu mobile operating system previously secret research and development projects, and personally responsible for Mark. Li Qiang declined to be specific on the details of the project, but said many international manufacturers of mobile phone operating system Ubuntu showed a lot of interest.
There is still room
Ubuntu is not isolated cases before it, swordfish (Sailfish), Firefox OS, Tizen are spread over about to enter the market-related news. Although the general view is that the mobile operating system market pattern has been set, but it did not stop these new companies to enter the mobile space enthusiasm.
Due to the closed nature of the Apple iOS, the current phone system market, is actually a dominant Andriod, many manufacturers have also put pressure on the bet Google him. But manufacturers are actually still need one more choice to make major adjustments to prepare for Andriod system.
"In the mobile operating system market, manufacturers do not have much choice, they desperately need a third-party solution. Yu Li Qiang said, Ubuntu is to see the market demand, was put into force in research and development.
In this regard, Samsung seems to be a good example. As the world's largest mobile phone maker Samsung Andriod, it is through the development of its own mobile phone operating system Tizen, to counterbalance Google.

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