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Additional image features Microsoft Hotmail termination cited public anger

According to foreign media reports, since because of security vulnerabilities Microsoft abruptly canceled a common feature in Hotmail, Windows Live Hotmail users have been in the Microsoft vent dissatisfaction.
Called "feature allows users to add pictures to photos, pictures or images directly to e-mail, you can also quickly edit photos, and add a description to your photos. Hotmail will automatically compress those pictures, so that users can add more photos in each e-mail. This feature functions and additional documents different users to use the additional features added to the e-mail file photo files are not compressed, but users can not edit photos.
A British Reston named Carl Creed retirement system administrator also Hotmail users, he said he noticed as early as three weeks ago, "added the picture function is canceled. He and many others in the Windows Live Help support forum protested, claiming that Microsoft did not notice, the results so that they wasted a good few hours to go alone troubleshooting.
Creed said in an email: "If Microsoft is able to inform the end-user in advance, then we will not do so passive.
Microsoft on Thursday on the Windows Live Help forum and Windows Live blog also released a statement, claiming that it found additional photos after the function is not compatible with IE and will result in cancellation of the security vulnerabilities that function. Microsoft said: "Hotmail team takes security very seriously the issue is expected to be restored before the end of September, photo upload feature. Microsoft spokesman later sent an email confirming additional pictures feature uses the ActiveX control technology.
ActiveX is a Microsoft-designed plug-in technology, mainly used to establish a network component. Although ActiveX application developer network are beneficial in theory, but it has been blamed because of security problems. Including the U.S. government's computer emergency Readiness Team (CERT) also think the plug-in technology, there are many hidden dangers.
Ben Greenbaum, senior research manager of Symantec nor as relevant as accusations made ‚Äč‚Äčagainst ActiveX technology. It fixes security vulnerabilities before Microsoft decided to abolish the practice of that function is appreciated.
Greenbaum said in an email: "attackers are glued to various popular sites on the vulnerability to attack as many users. Disable security vulnerabilities before the function to find the right solution is absolutely the right approach.
Although additional picture is a popular feature, but in the past few years, this feature has some problems.
October 2007, many users of Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) forums protested because IE7 security settings prohibit users attach a picture function.
May 2008, appeared on the Mozilla Firefox support forum post, also complained that Microsoft disabled the additional picture function. In March this year, Microsoft Windows Live Help forum for that question and responded.
Replies on behalf of Microsoft, said additional photo features and 64-bit versions of Vista systems are not compatible.

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