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Microsoft's executive vice president: a new CEO from within the company or produce

According to foreign media reports, "Reuters," said the statement, said John Thompson, executive vice president of Microsoft's recently, in order to ensure the company continues to move forward along the July restructuring strategy, the new CEO candidates are expected to be generated from within Microsoft.
In Ballmer announced within 12 months after retirement, Thompson to "lead independent director (lead independent director) the identity of the CEO is responsible for selecting the next job. Regarding the new CEO is expected to generate from the inside, Thompson explained that, if hired by a successor from outside the company, it is difficult to ensure that the name of his successor will stick to Microsoft in July restructuring strategy, because, select one from within the company has been involved in the development of 7 successor month reorganization strategy may be the best choice.
However, some analysts have expressed doubts on the new CEO from Microsoft internally generated. Research firm IDC analyst Al Hilwa said Microsoft has always taken into account conservative culture, the Board may be difficult to find one pair of all business executives are very understanding to play as.
July 11, Microsoft announced a reorganization, restructuring of the eight product divisions into four new departments: Operating System Technology Group (Operating Systems Engineering Group); equipment and studio technology group (Devices and Studios Engineering Group); applications and services technology Group (Applications and Services Engineering Group); cloud and enterprise technology group (Cloud and Enterprise Engineering Group).
Ballmer had used "a Microsoft (One Microsoft) to summarize the purpose and significance of this reorganization. A Microsoft executive has said that part of the restructuring goal is to further blur the line between consumer and business products and services are.
Analysis pointed out that Microsoft wants to use the reorganization to allow the company to become more flexible, more collaborative, more responsive. After the reorganization, Microsoft was able to integrate the team, unified in different programming interface, application store, applications and services development work on the device, so that the company and its partners to launch new equipment, software and services faster.

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