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Microsoft's Hotmail system failure explain the whole story

Last week, Microsoft's Windows Live Hotmail have to admit failure, resulting in a user's mailbox is completely emptied and claimed that the issue has been resolved. Recently, Microsoft's Hotmail failure explained in detail the whole story, and 100% recovery of lost data.
Microsoft's Hotmail team Mike Schackwitz explains: "Hotmail Server Health Monitoring in a way is through automated testing. We created a number of different configurations of the account, and then use the automated test recording these accounts, so that they simulate a normal user activity and behavior, the system will alarm when an error is encountered. We create and delete these test accounts via batch scripts, and delete the test account is the way the user from a group point to the directory server for new messages and correct e-mail address is deleted its records.
On December 30, one of our script code accidentally partially true test account with the user's account be deleted from the directory server. But those affected by the user's messages and folders are actually not deleted, but they point to the correct mailbox location records were deleted. When these users log in, the system (could not find a mailbox location) automatically create a new mailbox for them, and the new storage server is not including their previous messages and folders. This is why these accounts received a 'Welcome to Hotmail' initial message.
Subsequent Jan. 1, there have been users report this problem to Microsoft, Microsoft and therefore paying attention to this problem and identify the root cause and evening. "Our first step is to restore these user entries (January 2 in the morning) on a directory server, and then a new mail merge failure occurs between the beginning of the morning until 1 January and old mail. This process needs to perform in order to get all of the times and the corresponding e-mail account, for some users, until five days before full recovery. We completed the merger 16,035 accounts in January 2, 1320 and completed the rest of the user's merger in 2011.
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