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Decrypt Microsoft Lost Decade: passive system design

August of this year, Vanity Fair magazine published an article on Microsoft's lost decade in-depth interpretation. Because of the prevalence of bureaucracy, as well as system design flaws, resulting in this once-powerful software giant hesitant, often missed opportunities.
Microsoft's lost decade is arguably the greatest mysteries in the history of American business. Twice won the George Polk Award for Kurt Eichenwald hope to unravel the mystery, for which he studied the Microsoft "incredible stupid decisions, and ultimately believe that this can be the case of business schools, dedicated to the study of" success trap.
Through dozens of interviews and a lot of internal company documents - including e-mail exchanges between top management - Eichenwald unprecedented show to the outside world under the current CEO Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) leadership Microsoft's living conditions, and published in the August issue of "Vanity Fair" on. Today, a product of Apple iPhone alone, more than the sum of all business income of Microsoft.
Eichenwald reveals called "employees sorting (stack ranking) management system. In this system, each department should be a certain percentage of employees classified as excellent, good, normal and bad four categories, which limits Microsoft's ability to innovate in large part. "I interviewed every current and former Microsoft employees are considered 'employees sort' is the most negative internal Microsoft system - everyone think so. This has resulted in countless employee turnover. Eichenwald writes.
A former Microsoft software engineer, said: "If you serve on a 10-person team, but in the first day of the inauguration found that everyone, no matter how excellent performance, there are always two people will get the praise, 7 people get in the assessment, an individual get Poor, it is bound to focus on the fight, and not dedicate external competition.
Eichenwald asked the former Microsoft engineer Brian Cody, whether Microsoft will be made based on performance evaluation of him. Kou Di said: "All along, I was an excellent engineer are not very important, more important is that I want children coming to the fore in a public administration staff.
"I think Microsoft is the technology sector Sears (Sears), former Microsoft marketing manager C?te Marcy (Kurt Massey) said," In 40, 50 and 60 years, Sears heyday, but now doors to cold. This is Microsoft's fate, it is no longer cool.
"They used to laugh at IBM, but now they have become a kind of business they once despised. Bill Hill, a former Microsoft manager said.

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