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Amazon, Facebook or marriage Microsoft

U.S. technology blog BusinessInsider wrote today, five possibilities for RIM's larger restructuring analyzed, and that no matter what kind of program choices will change the pattern of the mobile industry.
British "Sunday Times" last weekend, citing unnamed sources as saying, RIM will sell mobile phone business to consider Facebook or Amazon, and external authorization enterprise IT. In addition, the company may also consider accepting equity investments Microsoft or other large technology companies.
Prior to this, RIM has just announced that on May 29, has hired Morgan Stanley and Royal Bank of Canada to help it evaluate strategic options, "including cooperation in the use of the BlackBerry platform, foreign licensing, and other strategic business model.
RIM declined significantly on the mobile phone business in the first quarter, sales of less than 10 million, the lowest since records began in 2009 in the third quarter. More importantly, as the developers have turned their attention to platforms such as iOS and Android, BlackBerry's market share from 21% in 2009 for the third quarter plunged to 7% in the most recent quarter, greatly increased the difficulty of recovery. Due to the upcoming release of BlackBerry 10, leading to enthusiastic developers to write applications for existing platforms further reduced. Although still higher than the share of blackberry Microsoft Windows Phone, but it is not attractive to developers and the latter.
Amazon acquired RIM handset business
We first heard last summer plans to follow the Amazon Kindle Fire model to develop smart phones, and then there are reports that the company is advancing the plan.
Apple and other handset vendors, Amazon's business strategy is not to sell the phone for profit, but its mobile business associated with: Amazon has a large number of users purchasing behavior data, as well as millions of credit card information, you can make use of these information launched competitive mobile business solutions, including mobile phones, POS system (perhaps acquired Square?) and buy (part be achieved by investing in LivingSocial).
Amazon can also use the mobile content and information services have been built for the Kindle and Kindle Fire. But the problem is that Amazon has customized Android system for autonomous development of a set of services and mobile applications. Therefore, the acquisition will result in the Amazon have increased RIM BlackBerry 10 platform, making the situation more complicated. Moreover, this is not in line with Amazon's low-priced sales of hardware, software and services revenue and aid strategies. Amazon seems more likely with low-cost Asian manufacturers to develop smart phones.


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