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Microsoft is pushing Spindex social media integration

Microsoft's Future Social Experiences Labs (Future Social Experience Lab) department will Spindex products, daring opponents into losing so many areas: social media integrator.
Lili Cheng, general manager of Microsoft's release of this tool in the department of San Francisco's Web 2.0 Expo, she said: "We called it impossible to plan.
Spindex will provide general social networking dashboard, like Seesmic or TweetDeck does not have a lot of information. After Twitter decided to launch its own mobile and desktop client software, the development of this class of applications will not be good. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, Spindex can handle RSS, bookmarking service Evernote, and Microsoft's own search engine Bing, the future will also introduce more services.
Join Spindex need to have a Windows Live ID. Spindex currently still closed beta preview stage, but will soon be moving forward.
Moreover, HTC, ZTE and other partners to treat WP platform more or "wait and see attitude, focus is Android based. The only all "betting partner Nokia's third-quarter shipments fell sharply in China 64% of the volume of the previous season's 1590 expenditures reduced to 5.8 million, indicating that the WP Lumia series phones has not been recognized. Advocated abandon Symbian system is fully backward WP platform, Nokia CEO Elop, it is bombarded by the media as "the industry's worst-ever CEO.
Huawei terminal half as WP enter the Chinese market to uniquely increase Microsoft's new partner in the global mobile phone market should not be overlooked, its 2012 goal of global smartphone shipments 60 million units, of which the Chinese market more than 15 million units. From the outset, to make an important partner "shame, will aggravate other Chinese partners" wait and see attitude, Microsoft China WP8 strategic peril.
Cheng said: We are like individual index such things, thinking for a long time. She describes the product is a personal social and personal social index list. Basically, Spindex is to provide a method of screening media side of social media, and different from other social collection services, Spindex tended indexing and file owned building, rather than blindly chasing instant. Web-based Spindex social information with streaming, a little deeper than the homogeneous features popular Twitter topic area, and features set bookmarks and favorite projects.
Cheng said: Our index exclusively belongs to everyone on earth. She said, Google and Bing kind of traditional, non-sociability search index, you can not allow users to delete anything or particularly marked in any project.
Prior to whether this plan really Cheng jokes "impossible, will be announced after the open test.

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