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Microsoft's gamble actually blocked Win7 Win8

Industry questioned about Win8 never stop, but the first month of sales data to Microsoft finally released the official earned a lot of face, monthly sales figures 40000000. Little is known to promote Microsoft Win8 indeed make all the stops, is in one of its tactics to block specific channels disguised Win7.
At this stage, Microsoft Windows and Office products in the domestic sales channel constituted by the three aspects, including six of the total generation is one of the main absolute, total generation, including Digital and ECS and so on. The total generation through the distribution channels to further Distribution. In addition, including Lynx, including electricity providers have become their Distribution channels.
Digital is a salesperson told us that God yard sign Microsoft for many years, its sales have been good, which is mainly concentrated in the enterprise market. ECS staff also expressed a similar view.
Microsoft is one of the partners, Microsoft stores located in Zhongguancun store experience domestic operators of Divi with Yan, general manager of Beijing Technology Co., Ltd. Liu Qian in the dialogue with Sohu IT, said the company while selling Windows and Office products, including Win7 Win8 and Windows also includes two categories, from the existing situation, Win8 sales good acceptance in the enterprise market is relatively high, the last two months to do a turnover of about 10 million.
Including God Code, ECS and other channels, including the total generation were also expressed a similar view: Win8 shipments are concentrated in the enterprise market, few orders from the consumer market.
In fact, Microsoft has done a lot to promote Win8 adjusted, and there are a lot of practice in order to make way for Win8 sacrifice Win7. For example, Microsoft ordered online authorization can only sell Win8, including Microsoft and Microsoft all channels, including the total generation, shall not authorize the sale Win7 serial number.
Because no domestic Win8 installed version, which means that customers in the purchase, and online only choice boxed Win7 Win8. Through the sale of licensed online Win8 approach to such a company may need dozens or even hundreds of authorized installation, but Microsoft only need to provide a KEY. Of course, the user needs to pay according to the number of licenses.
Before Win8 market, consumers can purchase Win7 through online. Obviously, after Win8 market, Microsoft Win7 narrowed channel, which is forcing users to migrate to the Win8.
A charge of Digital to Sohu IT, said the impact of this change on the enterprise-class customers is immediate. The reason is that corporate customers are usually hundreds or even thousands of users, which means authorized by electronic means, the operation is very convenient. And if it is boxed and then one by one authority, will become very troublesome, and Microsoft's strategy also want our customers to buy online.
Nevertheless, Microsoft Win8's weakness began to show. After the first month of the 40 million sales later, Win8 seen a dramatic decline in sales. In fact, reasons for the decline is also normal, the first month of sales to cover a large number of pre-users, which is part of the data in the next years will be gradually sold to weed out.

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