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Microsoft has enhanced protection mode is disabled by default on IE11

In November's "Patch Tuesday, Microsoft released a number such as about security patches, including one for Windows 8.1 systems IE11 browser - after Microsoft's official support page display, perform this update, IE11 is & ldquo ; Enhanced Protection Mode will change the default setting is disabled.
As early as in the preview release of Windows 8.1, "Enhanced Protected Mode on Windows 8.1 desktop and Modern UI in the IE11 are enabled by default. Microsoft's official support page explains: "We have this mode is enabled by default, is to get the 'enhanced protection mode' data and feedback incompatible sites.
Under the current situation, Microsoft's purpose has been achieved. The company said: "We have received the data and feedback on our website owners and software developers have brought a great help, this information can help us identify which accessories are not compatible with this model, and to promote and owners free software developers to create plug-user experience, or the development of the 'Enhanced Protection Mode' is compatible with the new annex to work together to build a better user experience.
However, Microsoft still recommends IE11 users to enable "enhanced protection mode. Enabling this feature is very simple, that is, open the IE browser "Options menu, then click" "Enable Enhanced Protection Mode under the Advanced tab.
Microsoft said in a press release today announced, Windows Azure cloud computing operating system department, Windows Server & Solutions division will be combined together to form Server & Cloud division.
Microsoft said: "This merger on strategies to make better use of our resources, the formation of a unified team to better focus on providing consumers with the data center and cloud computing solutions. Professional Developers Conference last month, Microsoft released the Windows Azure platform for developers to create cloud applications and operating system support.
Windows Azure will be officially listed on January 1, 2010, from the beginning of January next year, the country will have at least two data centers while providing data support for Windows Azure. In the United States, Azure data centers are located in Chicago, San Antonio, Texas. In Europe, Microsoft is building a data center in Dublin, Ireland and Amsterdam, the Netherlands, set up a data center in Asia in Singapore and China's Hong Kong.
Given the interest in Microsoft's cloud computing technology and market increasingly strong, the sector and the Windows Azure Windows Server sectors combined is also not too surprising. Microsoft is currently involved in a major public cloud service, Azure is its main product, which runs on Microsoft's global data center, network version of Microsoft's various software applications currently include SQL,. NET, Live, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, etc. services.

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