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Microsoft employees protest Vista Extension

INQ reported - when the stock market and the IT media because Microsoft Vista bounced again and make a "punishment", Microsoft seems to have emerged internal disagreements, and even Vista developers are beginning to suspect that maybe it really is a mistake Vista, Microsoft is also part of the staff Private Blog which expressed dissatisfaction with the Vista operating system extension. . Microsoft employees on Blog vent the dissatisfaction of Vista and Microsoft: Vista postpone the listing not only lost the students back to school season market, even Christmas did not catch. "Vista will rely on the system's way of pre-sales, boxed retail version attractive to ordinary consumers is very limited." Hundreds of comments from Microsoft employees have a negative attitude Vista, even calling for Microsoft's future operating system shareholders intervention strategies. More angry employee said: "Microsoft is the largest in the history of software development failures, the former record holder - IBM's Office software - a waste of $ 900 million, while the Vista development costs have reached 50 or even $ 6 billion." And involved in a Vista developer also believes that, Vista has yet to be released when the ship. "If you took five years to build this system, you will understand, compared to postpone the listing will show to the world a disability products surly worse we saw Vista existing loopholes -. Away from the standard goods far worse. "
We know that the various versions of Windows Vista with a common installation CD, the installation alone serial number to distinguish the different modules, differentiation and sales of various versions. So, early last year, when the official listing of Vista, Microsoft also launched called "Anytime Update upgrade service, users can get ready to pay a higher version of the serial number, the lower their version of Vista to upgrade to the premium version.
Microsoft recently announced that it will stop issuing the serial number of the network upgrade in favor of in-kind way Vista Anytime Update. As of February 20, at the Microsoft Web site paid upgrade version of Vista will not get a new serial number directly, but will take it directly from Microsoft's new DVD discs by mail and authorization certificates. Before you upgrade the same price remains unchanged, namely:
Home Basic upgrade to Home Premium: $ 79
Home Basic Upgrade to Ultimate: $ 199
Home Premium upgrade to Ultimate: $ 159
Business Edition upgrade to Ultimate: $ 139
Microsoft said the move first, for a smoother user experience Vista version upgrade, the second is to be the service to the global market. Before, Anytime Update only for North America, Europe and Japan, and in the future will expand to other markets in Asia and Australia. Since independence Vista's pricing strategy in China, it is unclear whether domestic customers can enjoy this service.

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