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Microsoft: HTML5 is still far away is the best choice Silverlight

In March this year, Microsoft's MIX 10 Conference for the first time, said IE9 will support HTML5, which will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the future of Silverlight. April officially released Silverlight 4, which again led to discussions, Web developers in the development of Web and mobile applications for IE9 is supposed to do or Silverlight?
Microsoft this is what attitude? IE executives have clearly pointed out the future of the Web HTML5, but Silverlight is not dead. This week, Silverlight team finally stand up and defend their products. Silverlight Head of product management and development platforms Brad Becker published the "Future of Silverlight" a text to clarify the Silverlight team's point of view.
Becker said, HTML5 is still an evolving standard, there is a long distance from his mature period. Currently, Silverlight technology is the best choice to develop cross-platform media content and applications. Silverlight has released four major versions, and HTML5 and its related standards can be completed when no one can predict.
Becker said: "Wait until HTML5 become the main target for developers, the standard has been stabilized, the browser must be in the same way using these criteria, more than one billion users need to install a new browser or buy a new machine. This process will certainly have to go through a long time, but until then, Silverlight has a very advanced. Today, Silverlight has also compatible with all popular browsers and operating systems.
With Windows Phone 7 mobile phone market, Microsoft commissioned Harris Interactive conducted a survey in the United States, statistics of the many bad habits of mobile phone users and embarrassing thing. According to Microsoft's survey, 19% of all ages who fell into the toilet in the cell phone mobile phone users aged 18 to 24 years between.
Microsoft said, for consumers to get rid of "Making phone habits is a challenge, but Windows Phone 7 is the marketing slogan" get affordable, let go, move on with your life (Get in, get out and get on with your life), is intended to help people discard this bad habit of over-reliance on mobile phones.
Harris Interactive survey shows Americans depend on how deep the extent of the phone, the focus of Microsoft following points:
- 75% of people admit they have a bad habit of mobile phone use, but only 18 percent have this sense of shame;
- age 18 to 24 users between the ages of 19% once the phone fell into the toilet;
- age 18 to 24 users between the ages of 49 per cent was in texting while walking or Email What fall when hit, or the like;
- 18 years of age in the user between the ages of 34 to 69% was in bed playing with the phone;
- 18 years of age in the user between the ages of 35 and 55% had to use the phone in the toilet....

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