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Microsoft Office 14 in the second half to begin testing

Microsoft this week said it will begin large-scale testing in the third quarter next version of Office software. This version of Office software, the official launch date may be the first half of next year.
Internal code of this product is Office 14, the name of the official release of the alleged Office 2010. Microsoft developed the first meeting last October had spoken, Office 14 will have browser capabilities such as online albums can click on the picture to watch.
Microsoft has revealed the details of this test is limited, in an interview with reporters Microsoft personnel revealed that in 2008 only to Microsoft internal testing personnel to provide technical preview version of Office 14, the test groups, only a few hundred thousand users. Compared with the public beta test of millions of people, this can only be a small range of tests. In addition, Office 14 software will not be released until 2010.
For technical preview version includes not only "traditional desktop users Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote and other traditional applications, including browser-based" Office Web applications. Relative to the desktop version of the browser-based version of the feature will be more limited, but will include basic editing functions. Microsoft said that based on "Office Web Applications version can work in the Safari browser and Firefox, which means you can use Linux and iPhone on the online version of Office software.
Also, according to Tuesday's news shows, Office 2010 will have a 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
Kress said that in view of today's consumers have a choice of various types of equipment through the use of applications, Microsoft needs to find a solution as soon as possible: "'Windows is the first choice' era, especially on mobile devices, absolute has ended. Microsoft may want to be able to continue this era, but consumers do not buy it.
Karcher agreed. He said: "The rapid proliferation of mobile devices is no doubt that people will expect to see Microsoft Office applied to new initiatives such devices. Analysts pointed out that Microsoft's Office 365 Another priority is to enhance the functionality, allowing users who think they do not have to get this cloud computing products and make sacrifices in terms of functionality.
Osterman noted that Microsoft may not be treated equally Office, Lync, SharePoint and Exchange with the local version of the online version, but there will be opportunities to narrow the differences between the two functions that currently exist. He said: "These two versions of Microsoft should be more closely together.
Karcher noted that Microsoft should also strive to simplify the work of the enterprise IT administrator, otherwise, they can only manage users on Office 365 and Office, Lync, SharePoint and Exchange local version. He said: "I ​​believe Microsoft will make management easier for IT administrators.
The last question is, Office 2013 if there is convincing enough to allow individual consumers and business users willing to invest effort and money to upgrade. Osterman said: "If they do not want to upgrade, to give up the new version of Office, Microsoft's revenue will therefore suffer significant losses.

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