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Microsoft MSE 3.0 Beta Preview late release of new features

Not long ago we reported that Microsoft has recently opened a new MSE (should be the MSE 3.0) public beta program, and send the invitation to Connet participants. Microsoft said the latest MSE Beta using the latest protection, the invitation sent out soon after the official start testing. In addition, Microsoft did not disclose more about the new version of MSE news. But this weekend, Microsoft has finally revealed the new features of the new version of MSE Beta, and said they would be released in the end.
Microsoft plans to provide the following update in this version:
- Enhanced protection through automatic repair function malware
The Beta version can automatically clean infected with malware depth, will not disturb the user;
- Enhanced Performance
The Beta version includes many performance improvements to ensure that no negative impact on PC performance;
- simplify the user interface
MSE Beta version of the simplified user interface, more easy to use;
- The new, improved engine protection
Provides a more powerful engine to detect and clean up the performance after the update.
Microsoft spokesman said, "The current testers to participate in Beta testing is a size limit, we expect MSE Beta will be publicly released at the end.
Microsoft's latest version of the completed MSE 2.0 Beta, the version number is Build 2.0.522.0, and provides a download via Connect Download Center, but you need to use the Windows Live ID login before you can download the latest version. In addition to providing the Connet Download Center, Microsoft Windows Update to push through to the MSE user Build 2.0.522.0, of course, provided that you have previously downloaded the MSE 2.0 Beta (Build 2.0.375.0).
In fact, all running MSE users, that MSE 2.0 Build 2.0.375 and earlier users, if you turn on the automatic upgrade, then Windows Update will receive a push. Although according to Microsoft, the new version is still a Beta test version, but there is news that this version is actually RC candidate.
MSE 2.0.522.0 new features:
- the integration of the Windows Firewall: at startup, MSE will be asked whether to open Windows Firewall.
- New protection engine: The latest update antivirus engine enhanced detection and cleanup capabilities, and improved performance.
MSE 2.0 Beta requires Windows genuine validation, testing is only available to some of the officers, not recommended for routine use.

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