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Microsoft confirmed that Visual Studio 2010 is not compatible with the Windows Phone Developer Tools

Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2010, for Windows Phone 7 is that it is also an excellent development environment, Microsoft wants developers to use Visual Studio 2010 for Windows Phone 7 development of more applications. But sometime, Microsoft reminds developers, released last month, the Windows Phone Developer Tools Community Preview (WPDT CTP) is not compatible with Visual Studio 2010.
Microsoft said that if you're already on the machine WPDT CTP installed Visual Studio 2010 installed, you will not be able to create a Windows Phone project, even if the Windows Phone project type to appear in the File / New dialog box, you can not develop Windows Phone 7 applications.
WPDT CTP candidate based on Visual Studio RC 2010, it is Visual Studio RC and RTM upgrade between versions cause it's not compatible with WPDT. Microsoft is currently being upgraded WPDT CTP, and will provide a new version of WPDT in a few weeks, will be re-compatible with Visual Studio 2010.
Microsoft offers the following recommendations to want to use both Visual Studio 2010 and WPDT CTP users:
- Visual Studio 2010 to be installed on a virtual machine image;
- or to Visual Studio 2010 installed on another machine.
Remind everyone:
- WPDT CTP can not be installed on a virtual machine image;
- on Visual Studio 2010 installed on the machines can not be installed WPDT CTP;
- can be successfully installed in Visual Studio 2010 installed on WPDT CTP machines, but will lead to WPDT CTP unusable.
Microsoft Live Search cashback service from the start on Friday seemed to be a few problems, the user can not get the cash they should return to Microsoft on this issue a public apology to the user, and that has solved the problem, but also for the service upgraded, adding instant cash back feature.
Live Search cashback (Cashback) after the user through the Live Search ads to buy goods, businesses back to a service consumer some cash, Microsoft said that starting today, and to participate in Microsoft's use of PayPal for all eBay items cashback shopping who will get cash back immediately after shopping, but did not need to wait 60 days before you like.

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