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Nokia Lumia 930 sales in the USA (informal) $ 699.99

Pre-opening week in the UK Nokia Lumia 930, the availability of a new flagship Windows Phone 8.1 in July 17. In London, Microsoft has confirmed that 930 will not be available in the U.S., although there are no official plans to release it, the opportunity is still open to third-party retailers to meet demand.
expansys United States is now $ 699.99 Sales Lumia 930, all four colors to choose from black, white, green and orange - although the delivery time is different between them. Phone is unlocked so you can use them on any carrier of your choice, but be sure to check that the device will support your carrier for 3G, 4G with you before you buy.
930 has a 5-inch full HD (1920x1080px) 3 Corning Glass display protection, quad-core 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip, RAM 2GB and 32GB of storage, and a 20mp PureView camera.
Do not underestimate the Lumia 930 is how orange, orange error. It was orange.
Lumia 930 is, in a sense that has been in the United States formally, albeit in a different name. It is designed to sell Verizon in the U.S. Lumia icon, but the phone is almost the same as 930, although 930 is equipped with Windows Phone 8.1 and the latest "green" firmware pre-installed.
Favorite icon, among 930 filled "sweet spot" 4.5-inch Lumia 92x family, and a huge 6-inch Lumia 1520 sale of AT & T as demand growth the big screen has left 92x scale, in its competition before feeling a little However, a large number of point 1520 may be too many users. 5-inch 930 to fill the gap between them is good, but unless you are willing to purchase at Verizon icon, your only option is to buy at full price in the U.S. 930 through retailers like expansys.

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Apple's new recovery Resume

When Apple CEO Steve - Steve Jobs when iCloud cloud service (Steve Jobs) comes, he casually said that "it is easy to use this mantra. This platform is essentially to obtain data from several devices, and then push them to the other users. Apple and Microsoft operating system wars, the importance of this platform should not be overlooked. Now, Apple iCloud introduced some unique and easy to use features. Moreover, it does not support Windows Phone 7 and hit Android powered devices. If you fall in love with iCloud, and found that it's worth, they will not hesitate to choose an iPhone or iPad, while not choose Windows Phone devices.

In the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 6, Apple Mac OS X Lion comes to the operating system will have a new feature that restore function Resume. This new feature allows the user to close the application or restart the computer automatically revert to the previous state when exiting the application. This feature may not seem like anything important update, but very practical. For years, users have been hoping to have a function like this, Apple is now finally meet their needs. In addition to restoring function Resume, Apple's Mac OS X Lion operating system also has many other new features that will give Windows users impressed, but also another reason why Microsoft should feel fear.
10. Enable developers to greatly moved
Since the January launch of the Mac App Store Apple "Snow Leopard operating system, since it has already attracted a lot of users. In the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple claims, Mac App Store is access to the world's top buy apps, it's sold more than Best Buy (BEST BUY), Wal-Mart (Wal-Mart) and Office Depot (Office Depot) as well as other retailers. This makes for the Mac, and iOS operating systems developed applications become ever tempting, but also makes becoming attractive as they used to develop applications for Microsoft Windows. In the showdown with Microsoft, Apple this advantage may become more powerful than people think an important weapon.

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Ubuntu spoiler mobile operating systems: Microsoft, Google is difficult to cross the mountains

Even the mobile operating system market has been Apple, Google, Microsoft "three big mountains, but still can not stop the enthusiasm of other vendors. Swordfish (Sailfish), Firefox OS, after Tizen, Ubuntu and rushed.
January 3, open-source Linux operating system Ubuntu officially released the mobile operating system for smart phones, mobile phones equipped with the system will be on display at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, but the specific products on the market at the earliest until the end of the year.
Ubuntu chief representative in China Liqiang revealed to the SAN, "Ubuntu positive contact with domestic and foreign manufacturers, they are on the phone operating system Ubuntu showed great interest.
Must enter
Canonical's Ubuntu operating system by the operators to promote the company by the South African billionaire Mark Shuttleworth • (Mark Shuttleworth) was founded in 2004, employs nearly 600 people, mainly Ubuntu revenue by providing related technical services. Under his leadership, Ubuntu almost every half a year to launch a new version.
Ubuntu fame in the field of open source software is very large, you can say that it is worldwide the most successful of a Linux operating system vendor. By partnering with Lenovo, HP, Dell and other PC makers, Ubuntu has over 21 million users worldwide. Currently, Ubuntu users focused on the PC side, but the field has already moved into the top of the agenda in Ubuntu.
December 26, 2012, Mark gave Ubuntu users to write an open letter to discuss Ubuntu 2013 years of development strategies. In the letter, he said, 2013 will be all around the mobile launch Ubuntu - Ubuntu into the smart phones and tablet PCs. In the previous, he has also expressed similar views in an interview.
But the outside world did not expect was that a week after the publication of this letter, Ubuntu mobile operating system was released. Clearly, Ubuntu is ready for a long time.
"As computing devices become integrated, mobile field is Ubuntu must enter a market. At Liqiang revealed to the SAN, Ubuntu mobile operating system previously secret research and development projects, and personally responsible for Mark. Li Qiang declined to be specific on the details of the project, but said many international manufacturers of mobile phone operating system Ubuntu showed a lot of interest.
There is still room
Ubuntu is not isolated cases before it, swordfish (Sailfish), Firefox OS, Tizen are spread over about to enter the market-related news. Although the general view is that the mobile operating system market pattern has been set, but it did not stop these new companies to enter the mobile space enthusiasm.
Due to the closed nature of the Apple iOS, the current phone system market, is actually a dominant Andriod, many manufacturers have also put pressure on the bet Google him. But manufacturers are actually still need one more choice to make major adjustments to prepare for Andriod system.
"In the mobile operating system market, manufacturers do not have much choice, they desperately need a third-party solution. Yu Li Qiang said, Ubuntu is to see the market demand, was put into force in research and development.
In this regard, Samsung seems to be a good example. As the world's largest mobile phone maker Samsung Andriod, it is through the development of its own mobile phone operating system Tizen, to counterbalance Google.

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Microsoft's gamble actually blocked Win7 Win8

Industry questioned about Win8 never stop, but the first month of sales data to Microsoft finally released the official earned a lot of face, monthly sales figures 40000000. Little is known to promote Microsoft Win8 indeed make all the stops, is in one of its tactics to block specific channels disguised Win7.
At this stage, Microsoft Windows and Office products in the domestic sales channel constituted by the three aspects, including six of the total generation is one of the main absolute, total generation, including Digital and ECS and so on. The total generation through the distribution channels to further Distribution. In addition, including Lynx, including electricity providers have become their Distribution channels.
Digital is a salesperson told us that God yard sign Microsoft for many years, its sales have been good, which is mainly concentrated in the enterprise market. ECS staff also expressed a similar view.
Microsoft is one of the partners, Microsoft stores located in Zhongguancun store experience domestic operators of Divi with Yan, general manager of Beijing Technology Co., Ltd. Liu Qian in the dialogue with Sohu IT, said the company while selling Windows and Office products, including Win7 Win8 and Windows also includes two categories, from the existing situation, Win8 sales good acceptance in the enterprise market is relatively high, the last two months to do a turnover of about 10 million.
Including God Code, ECS and other channels, including the total generation were also expressed a similar view: Win8 shipments are concentrated in the enterprise market, few orders from the consumer market.
In fact, Microsoft has done a lot to promote Win8 adjusted, and there are a lot of practice in order to make way for Win8 sacrifice Win7. For example, Microsoft ordered online authorization can only sell Win8, including Microsoft and Microsoft all channels, including the total generation, shall not authorize the sale Win7 serial number.
Because no domestic Win8 installed version, which means that customers in the purchase, and online only choice boxed Win7 Win8. Through the sale of licensed online Win8 approach to such a company may need dozens or even hundreds of authorized installation, but Microsoft only need to provide a KEY. Of course, the user needs to pay according to the number of licenses.
Before Win8 market, consumers can purchase Win7 through online. Obviously, after Win8 market, Microsoft Win7 narrowed channel, which is forcing users to migrate to the Win8.
A charge of Digital to Sohu IT, said the impact of this change on the enterprise-class customers is immediate. The reason is that corporate customers are usually hundreds or even thousands of users, which means authorized by electronic means, the operation is very convenient. And if it is boxed and then one by one authority, will become very troublesome, and Microsoft's strategy also want our customers to buy online.
Nevertheless, Microsoft Win8's weakness began to show. After the first month of the 40 million sales later, Win8 seen a dramatic decline in sales. In fact, reasons for the decline is also normal, the first month of sales to cover a large number of pre-users, which is part of the data in the next years will be gradually sold to weed out.

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Decrypt Microsoft Lost Decade: passive system design

August of this year, Vanity Fair magazine published an article on Microsoft's lost decade in-depth interpretation. Because of the prevalence of bureaucracy, as well as system design flaws, resulting in this once-powerful software giant hesitant, often missed opportunities.
Microsoft's lost decade is arguably the greatest mysteries in the history of American business. Twice won the George Polk Award for Kurt Eichenwald hope to unravel the mystery, for which he studied the Microsoft "incredible stupid decisions, and ultimately believe that this can be the case of business schools, dedicated to the study of" success trap.
Through dozens of interviews and a lot of internal company documents - including e-mail exchanges between top management - Eichenwald unprecedented show to the outside world under the current CEO Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) leadership Microsoft's living conditions, and published in the August issue of "Vanity Fair" on. Today, a product of Apple iPhone alone, more than the sum of all business income of Microsoft.
Eichenwald reveals called "employees sorting (stack ranking) management system. In this system, each department should be a certain percentage of employees classified as excellent, good, normal and bad four categories, which limits Microsoft's ability to innovate in large part. "I interviewed every current and former Microsoft employees are considered 'employees sort' is the most negative internal Microsoft system - everyone think so. This has resulted in countless employee turnover. Eichenwald writes.
A former Microsoft software engineer, said: "If you serve on a 10-person team, but in the first day of the inauguration found that everyone, no matter how excellent performance, there are always two people will get the praise, 7 people get in the assessment, an individual get Poor, it is bound to focus on the fight, and not dedicate external competition.
Eichenwald asked the former Microsoft engineer Brian Cody, whether Microsoft will be made based on performance evaluation of him. Kou Di said: "All along, I was an excellent engineer are not very important, more important is that I want children coming to the fore in a public administration staff.
"I think Microsoft is the technology sector Sears (Sears), former Microsoft marketing manager C?te Marcy (Kurt Massey) said," In 40, 50 and 60 years, Sears heyday, but now doors to cold. This is Microsoft's fate, it is no longer cool.
"They used to laugh at IBM, but now they have become a kind of business they once despised. Bill Hill, a former Microsoft manager said.

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Amazon, Facebook or marriage Microsoft

U.S. technology blog BusinessInsider wrote today, five possibilities for RIM's larger restructuring analyzed, and that no matter what kind of program choices will change the pattern of the mobile industry.
British "Sunday Times" last weekend, citing unnamed sources as saying, RIM will sell mobile phone business to consider Facebook or Amazon, and external authorization enterprise IT. In addition, the company may also consider accepting equity investments Microsoft or other large technology companies.
Prior to this, RIM has just announced that on May 29, has hired Morgan Stanley and Royal Bank of Canada to help it evaluate strategic options, "including cooperation in the use of the BlackBerry platform, foreign licensing, and other strategic business model.
RIM declined significantly on the mobile phone business in the first quarter, sales of less than 10 million, the lowest since records began in 2009 in the third quarter. More importantly, as the developers have turned their attention to platforms such as iOS and Android, BlackBerry's market share from 21% in 2009 for the third quarter plunged to 7% in the most recent quarter, greatly increased the difficulty of recovery. Due to the upcoming release of BlackBerry 10, leading to enthusiastic developers to write applications for existing platforms further reduced. Although still higher than the share of blackberry Microsoft Windows Phone, but it is not attractive to developers and the latter.
Amazon acquired RIM handset business
We first heard last summer plans to follow the Amazon Kindle Fire model to develop smart phones, and then there are reports that the company is advancing the plan.
Apple and other handset vendors, Amazon's business strategy is not to sell the phone for profit, but its mobile business associated with: Amazon has a large number of users purchasing behavior data, as well as millions of credit card information, you can make use of these information launched competitive mobile business solutions, including mobile phones, POS system (perhaps acquired Square?) and buy (part be achieved by investing in LivingSocial).
Amazon can also use the mobile content and information services have been built for the Kindle and Kindle Fire. But the problem is that Amazon has customized Android system for autonomous development of a set of services and mobile applications. Therefore, the acquisition will result in the Amazon have increased RIM BlackBerry 10 platform, making the situation more complicated. Moreover, this is not in line with Amazon's low-priced sales of hardware, software and services revenue and aid strategies. Amazon seems more likely with low-cost Asian manufacturers to develop smart phones.


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Microsoft's Hotmail system failure explain the whole story

Last week, Microsoft's Windows Live Hotmail have to admit failure, resulting in a user's mailbox is completely emptied and claimed that the issue has been resolved. Recently, Microsoft's Hotmail failure explained in detail the whole story, and 100% recovery of lost data.
Microsoft's Hotmail team Mike Schackwitz explains: "Hotmail Server Health Monitoring in a way is through automated testing. We created a number of different configurations of the account, and then use the automated test recording these accounts, so that they simulate a normal user activity and behavior, the system will alarm when an error is encountered. We create and delete these test accounts via batch scripts, and delete the test account is the way the user from a group point to the directory server for new messages and correct e-mail address is deleted its records.
On December 30, one of our script code accidentally partially true test account with the user's account be deleted from the directory server. But those affected by the user's messages and folders are actually not deleted, but they point to the correct mailbox location records were deleted. When these users log in, the system (could not find a mailbox location) automatically create a new mailbox for them, and the new storage server is not including their previous messages and folders. This is why these accounts received a 'Welcome to Hotmail' initial message.
Subsequent Jan. 1, there have been users report this problem to Microsoft, Microsoft and therefore paying attention to this problem and identify the root cause and evening. "Our first step is to restore these user entries (January 2 in the morning) on a directory server, and then a new mail merge failure occurs between the beginning of the morning until 1 January and old mail. This process needs to perform in order to get all of the times and the corresponding e-mail account, for some users, until five days before full recovery. We completed the merger 16,035 accounts in January 2, 1320 and completed the rest of the user's merger in 2011.
Reported that the day of 23:00, Srivastava see the cleaning woman in the office cleaning, it will be called personal office. Srivastava requires its female cleaners that help clean, but when she entered the office, Srivastava on ripped her shirt and forced her to look at their own direct phone porn. When the female employee tried to leave, Srivastava they take off their pants, it is overwhelming to the ground and raped her.
When done, Srivastava the used condom and office rubbish thrown out. Although the female cleaners immediately told his direct leadership, but it was ignored. Later, another leader about the incident after the police immediately.
July 26, Srivastava was arrested by the police and ask them. Although, Srivastava has repeatedly denied, but in the face of factual evidence or evade the law. Currently, Srivastava has been held in the King County jail, the police was carried out in the 27th fined $ 75,000 for.

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Microsoft introduced the latest technology the new mouse and keyboard

Microsoft recently released a variety of mouse and keyboard new products, including two of the mouse using the latest Microsoft technologies: Wireless silver shark (Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer) and wireless sapphire blue shark (Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse), and two Wireless Mouse: Wireless Desktop Set elite Edition (Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Elite) and wireless Desktop Set Smart Edition (Microsoft Basic Wireless Optical Desktop). Microsoft's new hardware is so compelling, one important reason is that a number of Microsoft applications of new technology in their new products. The new Microsoft mouse for the first time listed on the Tilt Wheel technology, called a new revolution in mouse technology. Application of Microsoft's new Tilt Wheel Technology has better mouse control functions, supports four-way scroll wheel, without the use of the application, down, left, right, scroll bar, can you edit Excel spreadsheets and Web browsing large give users a great quick and easy. These Microsoft wireless mouse, and also uses HDR RF technology, wireless mouse products with higher than generally reported twice the speed, and high data rate wired USB mouse products comparable. Since the application of the wireless mouse HDR RF technology to reduce the transmission time of the waiting time, with precise digital frequency synthesis, its performance is close to a "wired" experience, there is no sense of delay. Microsoft's new application of optical wireless chip technology was new mouse provides superior performance. Microsoft's new wireless mouse only has up to 6,000 frames / sec scan rate, but also has better energy-saving performance, built-in battery usage time has also been extended battery life of at least six months, and a battery can work , has been greatly improved over previous wireless mouse. In addition, the new intelligent technology applications received, but also greatly reduces the incidence of string lines and signal interference, so that the new Microsoft mouse wireless technology more outstanding. In terms of Microsoft's mouse and keyboard set, in addition to the previous network keyboard hotkeys and multimedia hot keys, but also increased the "My Favorites Keys" function keys, allowing users more convenient collection sites. It is reported that these new products will enter the Chinese market in November.
Microsoft yesterday patched Live Search API, providing developers with a more powerful embedded services, Angus Norton, senior director of Microsoft's Live Search, Silkroad is a new API Live Search, which supports a wider range of open network protocols, including RSS, REST, XML and JSON, and relaxed the application API.
Microsoft to restrict the use of third-party API when ever made ​​some modifications, no longer limited number of website, web developers can arrange for any content, pictures can also be found in the integration of Microsoft's own site, news search and Mobile image Search, and "have absolute control over.

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Microsoft launched Windows Mobile software autumn or online store

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft will likely launch as Apple and Google mobile software shop.
Recent job advertisements that Microsoft may launch Windows Mobile phone software online store called Skymarket this fall. Computerjob.com advertisement published Sunday, said, Skymarket senior product manager will lead a team for the Windows Mobile platform launch services market. The main duties of the post include:
Determine the product, price, business models and policies that enable developers are willing to publish their applications through the Windows Mobile software store and get revenue.
Responsible for determining the business model and other factors that enable developers to get the best experience.
To launch this fall Software Store conduct preparatory work, coordinated team work.
Microsoft representatives did not comment on the matter.
Microsoft released Windows Mobile is a smartphone operating system. Smart phones are increasingly popular. Market research firm NPD Group said in a report published said the first quarter of this year, smartphones accounted for approximately 17% of U.S. mobile phone sales, an increase of 105 over the previous year.
Microsoft hopes to be able to give it the smart phone selling big moneymaker. Earlier this year, Microsoft released the Windows Mobile 6.1, which includes an upgraded version of the browser, can provide similar systems on the desktop Internet experience to the user.
But Microsoft in the smartphone market is facing fierce competition. Apple's App Store software online store was a great success, debuting the first month received a $ 30 million revenue; Google on Thursday announced the Android Market Web store software, Android phone users can purchase, download software, or other Android applications content....

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Microsoft is pushing Spindex social media integration

Microsoft's Future Social Experiences Labs (Future Social Experience Lab) department will Spindex products, daring opponents into losing so many areas: social media integrator.
Lili Cheng, general manager of Microsoft's release of this tool in the department of San Francisco's Web 2.0 Expo, she said: "We called it impossible to plan.
Spindex will provide general social networking dashboard, like Seesmic or TweetDeck does not have a lot of information. After Twitter decided to launch its own mobile and desktop client software, the development of this class of applications will not be good. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, Spindex can handle RSS, bookmarking service Evernote, and Microsoft's own search engine Bing, the future will also introduce more services.
Join Spindex need to have a Windows Live ID. Spindex currently still closed beta preview stage, but will soon be moving forward.
Moreover, HTC, ZTE and other partners to treat WP platform more or "wait and see attitude, focus is Android based. The only all "betting partner Nokia's third-quarter shipments fell sharply in China 64% of the volume of the previous season's 1590 expenditures reduced to 5.8 million, indicating that the WP Lumia series phones has not been recognized. Advocated abandon Symbian system is fully backward WP platform, Nokia CEO Elop, it is bombarded by the media as "the industry's worst-ever CEO.
Huawei terminal half as WP enter the Chinese market to uniquely increase Microsoft's new partner in the global mobile phone market should not be overlooked, its 2012 goal of global smartphone shipments 60 million units, of which the Chinese market more than 15 million units. From the outset, to make an important partner "shame, will aggravate other Chinese partners" wait and see attitude, Microsoft China WP8 strategic peril.
Cheng said: We are like individual index such things, thinking for a long time. She describes the product is a personal social and personal social index list. Basically, Spindex is to provide a method of screening media side of social media, and different from other social collection services, Spindex tended indexing and file owned building, rather than blindly chasing instant. Web-based Spindex social information with streaming, a little deeper than the homogeneous features popular Twitter topic area, and features set bookmarks and favorite projects.
Cheng said: Our index exclusively belongs to everyone on earth. She said, Google and Bing kind of traditional, non-sociability search index, you can not allow users to delete anything or particularly marked in any project.
Prior to whether this plan really Cheng jokes "impossible, will be announced after the open test.

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Microsoft Surface RT hide poor performance was a class action

U.S. law firm Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP (hereinafter referred to as "Robbins Geller) today announced that it has representatives in your room (the Class Period) April 18, 2013 to July 18 dates in the United States District Court of Massachusetts to Microsoft launched a class action. The class action is the subject of Microsoft to investors to conceal a lot of truth, such as poor performance, etc. Surface RT.
Robbins Geller cautioned investors, said: "If you wish to serve as lead plaintiff in the class action, then it must be in the range from after August 12, 2013 60 days notice to the court. If you wish to discuss this action or to participate in this notice and doubt your interests, then the plaintiff legal counsel - Robbins Geller Samuel H. Rudman or David Rosenfeld (David A. Rosenfeld) to contact, contact telephone number is 800/449-4900 or 619/231-1058, you can also contact, e-mail address is djr@rgrdlaw.com via email. If you are a member of this class action, you can also view a copy of a statement submitted by the plaintiff, or to join the class action through the network, our web site is http://www.rgrdlaw.com/cases/microsoft/ . Members of the plaintiff class action can be selected by their legal counsel to apply to the court to serve as lead plaintiff, you can also choose to only serve as a member of the class action plaintiffs.
Robbins Geller initiated this class action, mainly against Microsoft and Microsoft some officials in violation of the United States' Securities Exchange Act of 1934. "Allegations that in the class action period, Microsoft released a statement seriously wrong information and misleading investors in the financial performance and its Surface RT tablet and so on. In particular, the following points on Microsoft's failure to release public information adverse facts: (1) Microsoft Surface RT poor market demand, but sales are not satisfactory; (2) As of the end of March 2013 for the period, the value of Microsoft's Surface RT stocks dropped significantly; (3) there is a serious error, Microsoft ended March 31, 2013 financial statements of the quarter, but also misled investors, but also a violation of U.S. GAAP as well as Microsoft's own public disclosure system; (4) Microsoft's 2013 third quarter Form 10-Q report failed to disclose the Surface RT tablet PC related business trends, events and uncertainties in the current list, which is also very there might be interested in Microsoft's future operating results materially affect; (5) Based on the foregoing overall, Microsoft Surface RT class action related businesses during the release failed to reasonably positive report.
In addition, the July 18, 2013, Microsoft released a statement announcing the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2013 ended June 30, 2013 and the full fiscal year financial reports. In the fourth quarter, Microsoft's revenue reached $ 19.9 billion, net income of $ 4.97 billion, diluted earnings per share of $ 0.59. In fact, Microsoft this quarter's results were a $ 900 million impact on Surface RT impairment. Affected by this news, Microsoft released fourth-quarter earnings next ordinary share price suffered the biggest decline in nearly four years time, the stock fell $ 4.04, to close at $ 31.40, a drop of up to 11.4%.
To this end, Robbins Geller intends to initiate a class action on behalf of the holders of all of Microsoft's ordinary shares during the class action to require Microsoft to pay damages. Robbins Geller has extensive experience in class actions, particularly in terms of financial fraud-related class action but also has extensive experience. Robbins Geller can represent domestic and international investors to initiate a class action. The firm has nine offices and more than 200 lawyers.

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Microsoft asked the U.S. Customs to prohibit imports of Motorola phones

Microsoft on Friday submitted a motion to the court, asked the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Bureau to implement the import ban on Motorola phones to move.
U.S. International Trade Commission (hereinafter referred to as "ITC) ruled in May last year, Google's Motorola Mobility infringed Microsoft's patented generate and synchronize calendar items, and therefore banned all imports of U.S. market infringing devices.
Microsoft said that all systems using Google Android phones have been affected by the ban. But Google said the ban applies only to the part of Motorola's mobile Android phone.
However, criticism has been again and again after, Microsoft has finally changed their indifferent attitude began to encourage IE6 users to upgrade to IE8. In the Christmas shopping season approaching, the cooperation of Microsoft and eBay Web Slice (Web Slice) in IE8, like Live Bookmarks to provide users with a variety of promotional product content and price.
According to legal documents submitted by Microsoft, the ban should take effect 60 days after the ITC ruling, but has not been implemented. The company in motion, said: "Customs and Border Protection Bureau has repeatedly allowed to evade the ban of Motorola's mobile, according to the statement of operations is a secret, but the Customs and Excise Department has refused to share the document with Microsoft.
Google believes that Microsoft is trying to expand the scope of the ban. The company spokesman Matt Kalman (Matt Kallman) said: "The U.S. Customs rejected Microsoft's behavior is correct, the company trying to expand the scope of the patent, to prevent Americans use every legal calendar function on your phone, such as arranging meeting.
U.S. Customs spokesman declined to comment.
Microsoft's move is the latest trend in this global smartphone patent wars, the matter has been involved in a number of companies, the war will spread to more than ten countries.
ITC before the main Deanna Tanner Okun)that this dispute shows that to determine which product in the high-tech era of patent infringement has been a substantial increase in difficulty, but the officers may not have sufficient expertise to perform this task.
"The problem has been upgraded, the system has become obsolete, they are still in use 20 years ago, methods and procedures. She said.

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Additional image features Microsoft Hotmail termination cited public anger

According to foreign media reports, since because of security vulnerabilities Microsoft abruptly canceled a common feature in Hotmail, Windows Live Hotmail users have been in the Microsoft vent dissatisfaction.
Called "feature allows users to add pictures to photos, pictures or images directly to e-mail, you can also quickly edit photos, and add a description to your photos. Hotmail will automatically compress those pictures, so that users can add more photos in each e-mail. This feature functions and additional documents different users to use the additional features added to the e-mail file photo files are not compressed, but users can not edit photos.
A British Reston named Carl Creed retirement system administrator also Hotmail users, he said he noticed as early as three weeks ago, "added the picture function is canceled. He and many others in the Windows Live Help support forum protested, claiming that Microsoft did not notice, the results so that they wasted a good few hours to go alone troubleshooting.
Creed said in an email: "If Microsoft is able to inform the end-user in advance, then we will not do so passive.
Microsoft on Thursday on the Windows Live Help forum and Windows Live blog also released a statement, claiming that it found additional photos after the function is not compatible with IE and will result in cancellation of the security vulnerabilities that function. Microsoft said: "Hotmail team takes security very seriously the issue is expected to be restored before the end of September, photo upload feature. Microsoft spokesman later sent an email confirming additional pictures feature uses the ActiveX control technology.
ActiveX is a Microsoft-designed plug-in technology, mainly used to establish a network component. Although ActiveX application developer network are beneficial in theory, but it has been blamed because of security problems. Including the U.S. government's computer emergency Readiness Team (CERT) also think the plug-in technology, there are many hidden dangers.
Ben Greenbaum, senior research manager of Symantec nor as relevant as accusations made ​​against ActiveX technology. It fixes security vulnerabilities before Microsoft decided to abolish the practice of that function is appreciated.
Greenbaum said in an email: "attackers are glued to various popular sites on the vulnerability to attack as many users. Disable security vulnerabilities before the function to find the right solution is absolutely the right approach.
Although additional picture is a popular feature, but in the past few years, this feature has some problems.
October 2007, many users of Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) forums protested because IE7 security settings prohibit users attach a picture function.
May 2008, appeared on the Mozilla Firefox support forum post, also complained that Microsoft disabled the additional picture function. In March this year, Microsoft Windows Live Help forum for that question and responded.
Replies on behalf of Microsoft, said additional photo features and 64-bit versions of Vista systems are not compatible.

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Microsoft's executive vice president: a new CEO from within the company or produce

According to foreign media reports, "Reuters," said the statement, said John Thompson, executive vice president of Microsoft's recently, in order to ensure the company continues to move forward along the July restructuring strategy, the new CEO candidates are expected to be generated from within Microsoft.
In Ballmer announced within 12 months after retirement, Thompson to "lead independent director (lead independent director) the identity of the CEO is responsible for selecting the next job. Regarding the new CEO is expected to generate from the inside, Thompson explained that, if hired by a successor from outside the company, it is difficult to ensure that the name of his successor will stick to Microsoft in July restructuring strategy, because, select one from within the company has been involved in the development of 7 successor month reorganization strategy may be the best choice.
However, some analysts have expressed doubts on the new CEO from Microsoft internally generated. Research firm IDC analyst Al Hilwa said Microsoft has always taken into account conservative culture, the Board may be difficult to find one pair of all business executives are very understanding to play as.
July 11, Microsoft announced a reorganization, restructuring of the eight product divisions into four new departments: Operating System Technology Group (Operating Systems Engineering Group); equipment and studio technology group (Devices and Studios Engineering Group); applications and services technology Group (Applications and Services Engineering Group); cloud and enterprise technology group (Cloud and Enterprise Engineering Group).
Ballmer had used "a Microsoft (One Microsoft) to summarize the purpose and significance of this reorganization. A Microsoft executive has said that part of the restructuring goal is to further blur the line between consumer and business products and services are.
Analysis pointed out that Microsoft wants to use the reorganization to allow the company to become more flexible, more collaborative, more responsive. After the reorganization, Microsoft was able to integrate the team, unified in different programming interface, application store, applications and services development work on the device, so that the company and its partners to launch new equipment, software and services faster.

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Microsoft confirmed that Visual Studio 2010 is not compatible with the Windows Phone Developer Tools

Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2010, for Windows Phone 7 is that it is also an excellent development environment, Microsoft wants developers to use Visual Studio 2010 for Windows Phone 7 development of more applications. But sometime, Microsoft reminds developers, released last month, the Windows Phone Developer Tools Community Preview (WPDT CTP) is not compatible with Visual Studio 2010.
Microsoft said that if you're already on the machine WPDT CTP installed Visual Studio 2010 installed, you will not be able to create a Windows Phone project, even if the Windows Phone project type to appear in the File / New dialog box, you can not develop Windows Phone 7 applications.
WPDT CTP candidate based on Visual Studio RC 2010, it is Visual Studio RC and RTM upgrade between versions cause it's not compatible with WPDT. Microsoft is currently being upgraded WPDT CTP, and will provide a new version of WPDT in a few weeks, will be re-compatible with Visual Studio 2010.
Microsoft offers the following recommendations to want to use both Visual Studio 2010 and WPDT CTP users:
- Visual Studio 2010 to be installed on a virtual machine image;
- or to Visual Studio 2010 installed on another machine.
Remind everyone:
- WPDT CTP can not be installed on a virtual machine image;
- on Visual Studio 2010 installed on the machines can not be installed WPDT CTP;
- can be successfully installed in Visual Studio 2010 installed on WPDT CTP machines, but will lead to WPDT CTP unusable.
Microsoft Live Search cashback service from the start on Friday seemed to be a few problems, the user can not get the cash they should return to Microsoft on this issue a public apology to the user, and that has solved the problem, but also for the service upgraded, adding instant cash back feature.
Live Search cashback (Cashback) after the user through the Live Search ads to buy goods, businesses back to a service consumer some cash, Microsoft said that starting today, and to participate in Microsoft's use of PayPal for all eBay items cashback shopping who will get cash back immediately after shopping, but did not need to wait 60 days before you like.

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